Salt World: An Effective Salt Therapy for All Types of Respiratory & Skin Problems

Deepthi Babu,OwnerWith various treatments failing to cure and heal respiratory and skin problems, Salt Therapy is recognized & accepted worldwide by people as natural and safe to completely cure these ailments. While Europe, UK, Australia and U.S. have several salt clinics to offer drugless and relaxing therapy, India is still adapting to the trend and is setting up wellness centers to bring this popular therapy to the people. Salt therapy is still an unknown phenomenon in India, but Bangalore-based Salt World is already making a mark in the industry through its unique approach and unconditional philosophy of patient care. The use of Proven Technology with scientific research papers and Halogenerator (device which is used in Halotherapy) endorsed by National Health Services(NHS -UK) separates it from other companies.

Mimicking the Original Salt Cave
Treating a wide range of illness like Asthma, Bronchitis, Bronchiectasis, Chest infections, COPD, Cough,
Colds & Flu, Cystic Fibrosis, Ear infections, Emphysema, Hayfever, Nasal congestion, Rhinitis, Seasonal allergies, Sinusitis, Sleep Apnea, Smoker’s Cough, Snoring, Tonsillitis, Wheezing, Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis and Sports recovery, Salt Therapy offers a complete cure to many respiratory & skin conditions in adults as well as children. With terrible respiratory conditions (bad lung capacity), people suffer from shortness of breath while walking, running or climbing the stairs and disturbed sleeping pattern affecting the work productivity. Salt World is the need of the hour for rising problems of pollution level and deteriorating environment conditions in Bangalore leading to these health issues.

" Salt World is the need of the hour for rising problems of pollution level and deteriorating environment conditions in Bangalore leading to these health issues"

Salt therapy works wonders for everyone. The therapy enhances immunity and improves endurance against respiratory infections by reducing theImmunoglobulin E(IgE) level. Thriving to treat these problems, one of the unique features proffered by Salt World is artificial salt cave in which the salt therapy takes place. Mimicking the original salt cave, all the parameters like microclimate, concentration and size of the salt particles are maintained to determine the effectiveness of the therapy. The caves are differently designed for
adults and kids. While the adult room acts more like a resting place that streams soft music, kid’s room resembles a play area consisting of sand toys. The inhaled dry microscopic salt particles in the salt cave clean the deepest areas of the respiratory tract and lungs from pathogens, smoke residues and pollutants, making salt therapy improve the lung capacity and oxygen intake. This in turn helps to lead a normal life without much worry.

“It is a natural & drugless treatment with no side effect, though mild skin irritation may occur for people with extremely sensitive skin, which will wade off soon. Some may experience cough and mucous discharge which indicates that the body is responding well to the therapy. So these are only considered as positive side-effects,” says Deepthi Babu, Owner, Salt World.

The Miles to Go
A very small team of three members with no barriers at Salt World spends two hours weekly to discuss recent market trends, where every team members share ideas on improving the process as well as quality of service. Further, Salt Therapy Association (STA) membership enables it to get updates on industry trends frequently. In the initial few months, the company had witnessed a lot of ups and downs; but slowly and gradually, the growth pattern progressed from one stage to another in a more linear fashion.