Sahabhaav: Where Elder Care Meets Love & Leisure at its Best

Dr. Mini Panicker, FounderFor decades, the concept of old-age homes was beyond distant thought in India. But the situation today paints a different picture, as exposure to changing lifestyles reflect transformed societal values and lack of time that has broken down the joint way of living, espousing newer attitudes towards elder care in India. What was once seen as an extreme rarity that depicted crude indifference towards aged parents has today become a more noble approach towards taking care of these precious members of society in specialized homes. One such nobility is Sahabhaav, the brainchild of Dr. Mini Panicker. It is Mumbai’s first premium Geriatric Facility that was established in 2019, idealizing a home away from home feel that imitates hotel-like luxury and services that make one feel as if on a permanent vacation.

Sahabhaav is an assured go to center that takes care of senior citizens over 60 years(Single or Couples/ Working or Retired) who wish to maintain their own special lifestyles. Well crafted in sync with the hotel industry and a good staff-resident ratio, Sahabhaav’s services emanate genuine love and care that reflect in its modern yet homely outlook. Accommodating full time residents and daycare customers, every member is personally catered to and provided with relevant medical care, nutrition and motivating activities to ensure that they enjoy the best of their twilight years. Moreover, their
needs are assessed case by case and a pertinent diet, activity and clinical treatment plan is arranged accordingly.

Extensive Care
Conveniently nestled at the heart of the Mumbai city, Sahabhaav sits on a 2150 sq.ft room on the first floor, huddled with every facility to pamper its inmates. A hospice room (for extremely geriatric patients) that is designed like a hospital ward with comfortable beds and a nursing station, the residential block that has five well ventilated twin sharing rooms and a single room that houses sound proofed panes with blinds and potted windows enhance the pleasantness, aside being sufficiently furnished. Further, each bed is upholstered to tame sharp corners and provide ample space for residents to move around. A shower complex that’s wheelchair accessible and a common area with speakers that plays soft music all day is also installed for making the elderly feel comforted.

Well crafted in sync with the hotel industry and a good staff:resident ratio, Sahabhaav’s services emanate genuine love and care that reflect in its modern yet homely outlook

At Sahabhaav, safety pars the extra mile service with antiskid flooring, grab bars at relevant passages & bathrooms, walkers & sticks for inmates, emergency bedside bells/telephones and detachable bed rails conveniently placed to avoid mishaps. Moreover, extremely geriatric patients undergo extensive care to avoid bed sores or malnutrition. Sahabhaav also focuses on mental health of its members and invites psychiatrists to treat mental issues like depression, dementia and loneliness, while a panel of on call physicians, orthopedic surgeons and other specialists are available to treat the aged accordingly. The center also initiated therapeutic dog service so as to brighten the ambience of senior pet lovers within the Sahabhaav society in addition to the yoga sessions conducted to boost mental and physical health balance.

“In this service industry, nothing pays better than unconditional love and care. Hence, we use small tools to innovate and upgrade our services for our clients. Sahabhaav takes its clients once a month for short leisure trips,” states Mini. Aside this, to keep kin informed, regular weekly reports classifying physical and mental health are sent to maintain sense of connectivity, while it aims to target the poorer audience and improve the quality of life of senior citizens in the coming days.