Sadayush: Proffering Traditional & Time-Proven Ayurvedic Therapies & Treatments

Pradeep Cholayil,Managing Director

Pradeep Cholayil

Managing Director

With the advent of high-stress and sedentary lifestyle, health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, high lipid levels and hormonal imbalances are rampantly spreading among present population. The root cause or trigger for many of these lifestyle diseases are poor food habits, lack of adequate exercise and high levels of anxiety and stress. Thanks to Sadayush that addresses all aforementioned health issues naturally and holistically through a combination of traditional & time-proven Ayurvedic treatments. “With our expertise in the natural form of medication and healing, we bring to you a bouquet of therapies that tackle the root causes of illness than merely alleviating the present symptoms,” avers Pradeep Cholayil, Managing Director, Sadayush (promoted by Cholayil Family).

Apart from dealing with medical conditions, this Chennai headquartered center covers whole range of rejuvenating therapies including Krusangee (reduce body fat percentage, tone muscles and improve texture of the skin), Sunetri (enhance vision, prevent eye diseases and cool overtired eyes), Sada-Ayu (recapture youthfulness,
strengthen muscles and boost immunity), Sukesi (prevents premature graying of hair, eliminates dandruff, nourishes scalp and minimizes hair fall), Garbha Raksha (avoid complications in the pregnancy and aid in healthy delivery), Prasava Raksha (re-tune & rejuvenate entire system of the mother and fortify her mental & physical well-being) and Sunidra (relieves stress, strain and helps in cases of insomnia). “Right from giving a bride-to-be her special glow, to helping individual relax after a stressful work week or a high intensity game of tennis, our rejuvenating Ayurvedic therapies help restore our client’s natural beauty and energy,” proclaims Pradeep.

" All treatments at Sadayush are initiated only after a thorough study of the individual by our doctors, who will then suggest specific lifestyle and nutritional guidelines "

Delivering Natural Remedies
According to Ayurvedic principle, every human body comprises of three basic elements (Vata (space& ether), Pitta(fire), and Kapha(water & earth)) in unique proportions, and any variation in these doshas causes poor health /disease. Reckoning this, all treatments at Sadayush are initiated only after a thorough study of the individual by our doctors, who will then suggest specific lifestyle and nutritional guidelines to assist the client in balancing their doshas. Thus, all treatments at Sadayush are initiated only after a thorough study (medical history & body type) of sufferers by doctors, who follow authentic Ayurvedic methods & treatments (based on Ashtanga Ayurveda) and
suggest precise lifestyle & nutritional guidelines assisting them in balancing their doshas, thereby proposing tailor-made therapy for each individual. Going forward, clients are thoroughly explained about the method of treatment, medicines used, expected outcome and its effect on the body before commencement of every treatment.

Along side, its state-of-the-art amenities facilitate customer with best-in-class Ayurvedic treatments based on ancient practices along with modern comforts. Sadayush encompasses five specialized treatment and therapy rooms, with one being completely dedicated to Kalari massage (also known as Chavitty Uzhichil - improves flexibility while activating the pressure points in the body similar to acupressure). Besides, the clinic beautiful appointed interiors are practical and highly functional, with a primary focus on hygiene and comfort giving guest unbeatable, and holistic experience.

With an intension to grant 100 percent natural, original, safe and highly-effective treatment, Sadayush manufactures its own Ayurvedic medicine under brand Dr. Sidhan wherein herbs for a variety of medicines are grown and prepared in-house at its organic farm in Tamil Nadu and treatment centers. Atop, the clinic delivers highly economical treatments & therapies with a vision to tender benefits of old age medicinal system to everyone in the society. In the coming future, Sadayush envisions launching revolutionary residential treatment & rejuvenation center near Chennai and raising the revenue to Rs.10 - 12 lakh per location.