Ruby Hall Clinic: On a Mission to Make India Cancer Free, One at a Time

Dr. Ashok Bhanage,Chairman
Dr.Ashok Bhanage, Chairman

Cancer treatment in India is still fragmented. Today, majority of cancer centres offer only few aspects of cancer treatment/care, leaving the patient and their families drained of energy with deficits of information and psychosocial support, running across different departments and hospitals during the course of treatment. Commissioned with the vision of being a one-stop-centre for cancer care, Ruby Hall Clinic Cancer Centre (RHC-CC) houses every facility & service that require to ensure the continuum of care right from diagnosis to treatment and even after, under one roof. Moreover, the idea is propelled by the collaboration of some of the most renowned & exceptional Indian doctors & scientists to focus on advancing the prevention, early detection and treatment of cancer.

The centre that specializes in all areas of cancer (breast, lung, head & neck, brain, and others) has been recognized nationally and internationally for its pioneering work in the space of cancer diagnosis, care and treatment. These comprehensive services are delivered by an experienced multidisciplinary team who have state-of-the-art Green certified operating theatres at their disposal and understands each patient’s unique requirement and
operates as one entity to ensure continuity of care. The personalized chemotherapy regimens, chemotherapy wards, and molecular & genetic profiling enhance results of complex procedures and make treatments more effective.

"The personalized chemotherapy regimens, chemotherapy wards, and molecular & genetic profiling enhance results of complex procedures and make treatments more effective"

RHC-CC has dedicated Histopathology and Cancer Laboratory to render accurate & reliable reporting. To further enhance patient care, the centre grants preoperative counseling to patients & their families about the benefits of the operation and post-operative support. Through education and reassurance, the clinic prepares the patients and their family members to fight against cancer and manages changes of their lifestyles, thereby helping them to heal faster. “With a multi-disciplinary setup, an expert team and strict protocols in place, no emergency is too sudden and no surgery too complicated,” adds Dr. Ashok Bhanage, Chairman, RHC-CC.

Technological Advancements
Since its inception in 2006, RHC-CC continuously seeks to bring cutting-edge technological brilliance in the form of latest equipments & treatment facilities in sectors like Surgical, Radiation & Medical Oncology, pharmacy, social workers and nutrition & psychological services. Technologies like Intensity-Modulated Radiation & Image-Guided Radiation Therapy (RHC
being Asia’s first Linear Accelerator), cranial & body radiosurgery, and brachy therapy among others, ensure that the patients obtain accurate treatment. Going beyond standard technologies, the clinic has implemented most innovative bone marrow transplant programmes (offering both allogenic and autologous transplants), country’s first 'Time of Flight'PET-CT scanner (identifies cancer, its affect, whether treatment is responding and patient is free from cancer post treatment) and robot-assisted surgery to perform intricate surgeries in unreachable locations. These investments in the latest technologies have aided the hospital immensely in safer, quicker methods of cancer detection and less invasive methods of cancer treatment, while a strong network of allied and support services further fortify the process.

RHC-CC stands at the threshold of advanced cancer care by virtue of path-breaking research, wherein these researches are concentrated towards finding better ways to prevent, diagnose or treat cancer. Recently, the hospital has invested in two more new linear accelerators and soon going to inaugurate a separate six storey cancer building which will not only provide additional OPD & treatment rooms, but also deploy the most advanced cancer fighting technologies (True Beam STX and Spect CT) to maximize patient convenience. “We apply all of our resources, including diligent research, remarkable technology, and combined expertise, to what matters most to patients and their families - innovative treatments, making them feel better,” concludes Dr. Ashok.