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  • 10 Most Promising Cancer Treatment Clinics - 2018

    Ranked third for the highest cancer deaths in the world, India’s graph is still pointing north, with an estimated 25 percent growth in cancer deaths by 2020. Every other day, we wake up to news of some celebrity catching cancer, flying abroad for treatment, and it is believed that treatments for most serious diseases are better abroad. However, leading oncologists and cancer specialists in India say that India is one of the best destinations for cancer treatment, especially due to the cost factor, as in India, the treatment costs 500-700 percent cheaper. Also, due to globalization, getting the medicines necessary for the treatments is far more quicker in India compared to other countries; thus establishing the country one of the best places to get treated on. Despite such...

10 Most Promising Cancer Treatment Clinics - 2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Cancer Clinic Indore Cancer Clinic Indore Dr. J. Ramchandani, Founder Committed to deliver highest quality cancer care by developing personalised treatment plans tailored to the patient's unique needs and diagnosis
Excelorr Cancer Clinic Excelorr Cancer Clinic Dr. Devendra Kumar Jain, Surgical Oncologist Providing comprehensive surgical, medical and preventive oncology services under one roof using advanced state-of-the-art treatment methods based on latest international guidelines
Fuda Cancer Fuda Cancer Wang Huaidong, Chairman Creating awareness for cancer treatment using latest technologies and promoting the benefits of using innovative cancer therapies
MACS Clinic MACS Clinic Dr. Sandeep Nayak P, Founder A specialty clinic for Robotic & Laparoscopic cancer surgery led by blue-chip doctor to offer innovative surgeries which outclass the open cancer surgery treatment
Mumbai Cancer Clinic Mumbai Cancer Clinic Dr. Sanjay Sharma, Oncologist Specializing in breast cancer, head & neck cancer, gastro intestinal surgery, laparoscopic & reconstructive surgery through careful evaluation of the patient
Orchid Cancer Centre Orchid Cancer Centre Dr. Rusy Bhalla, Laser Surgery Specialist Specializing in stage-4 Mouth cancer by following proven treatment methods such as surgery, laser treatment, and more
Ruby Hall Clinic Ruby Hall Clinic Dr. Ashok Bhanage, Chairman With a mission to make India cancer free, this highly tech-savvy cancer hospital promises precision cancer treatment focusing on individual tumours of individual patients apart from providing education and reassurance to help patients and their families
St. George Cancer Center St. George Cancer Center Dr. Shaji Varghese Kudiyat, Owner Harnessing the insights and approach of Dynamic Science for effective cancer prevention, treatment and rehabilitation by proposing a valid alternative to intercept the disease right in its reversible stages
The Esthetic Clinics The Esthetic Clinics Dr. Debraj Shome, Founder Providing latest techniques, state-of-the-art equipment and solid infrastructure with well experienced & talented medical staff for the treatment of cancer