Rich Psych: Ushering In Adaptive Change in Perception of Mental Health

Yamini Negi,CEOLife often throws at us curveballs that can lead to immense emotional distress. While a majority of Indians choose to suffer in silence, there exist a plethora of mental health professionals and services that specialise in lending a helping hand to individuals in need of emotional support. One such organisation is Rich Psych. Headquartered in Dehradun, the young firm connects people in need of emotional support with qualified mental health professionals.

Rich Psych believes that each one of us requires stress management or emotional support from time to time. "The way Western world has started recognising the importance of mental health, us Indians need to collectively work towards a similar out-come for our country," explains Yamini Negi, CEO, Rich Psych.

To this end the firm provides people with an affordable, efficient and easy way to seek counselling services while also maintaining privacy & confidentiality. One can simply seek all help online without the need of any physical appointments. The company collaborates with counsellors to provide support to people undergoing emotional distress while also working towards educating and sensitising people toward their emotional health and taking care of it.

Breaking the Stigma
The stark reality of our society is that mental health problems such as depression and anxiety are extremely prevalent everywhere. However, there is a stigma placed on them which compels many of the afflicted to suffer
in silence. Rich Psych's objective is to not let anybody suffer in silence. "Speaking your mind with someone (more specifically an expert) gives us an understanding of the reason why we are not feeling good and from there a path-way to build a solution with the counsellor's help," adds Yamini. Working hard to bring about a change in people's perception about mental health, the firm actively works on awareness programs, online campaigns, informative articles, reach outs and various other means to generate awareness.

Rich Psych has built a strong team of psychologists and other mental health & well-being professionals who work as independent service providers. Each consultant is highly qualified and trained with a minimum experience of three years. However what makes these counsellors the firm's most valued asset is their unflinching dedication to create awareness around mental health. "This headstrong dedication is evident from the fact that our counsellors willingly provided free counsel-ling sessions to all Rich Psych users during the recent lockdowns," says Yamini.

Easy To Use Platform
The firm has developed a seamless platform aimed at people suffering from ailments such as stress, depression, anxiety, a difficult relationship or even stress related to education and career.

The company is now working towards widening it tele-health services to include more wellness options such as mindfulness based exercises, meditation and nutrition

With a strong emphasis on making the process of seeking counselling hassle free from its very inception, the platform utilises the latest technology to achieve this. The easy to use web application requires users to fill in a few details, based on which they are matched with a counsellor; they can then choose a counselling plan that suits their need to start the counselling sessions.

Each person has a dedicated `Session Room' with the counsellor and the counselling sessions are delivered through text messages and audio/video sessions in the session room itself. The company also provides free self-assessments which are brief tests that assess the level of depression, anxiety and other parameters of emotional distress.

Having experienced massive growth since its inception, the company is now working towards widening its tele-health services to include more wellness options such as mindfulness based exercises, meditation and nutrition among others. Rich Psych is also looking forward to scale its reach out programs to re-emphasise the importance of a healthy mind and the ease with which people can seek online help for their emotional well-being.