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Dr. (Prof) R K Suri, Mentor,Arpit Suri, Co- Founder

Arpit Suri

Co- Founder

Today, human beings are suffering from a wide range of mental health conditions which can also be called disorders that affect people's thinking, mood and their behaviors. For instance, depression, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, eating disorders and addictive behaviors are some of the mental illnesses that have been plaguing humans since time innumerable. As we all know about how the whole world was put into a halt due to COVID-19 driven pandemic, there was a drastic rise in the cases that concerned mental-health disorders; the after-effects of this pandemic coupled with the movement constraint has given rise to several mental and behavioural concerns for people in all age groups. However, life has to continue for all. Hence, with the unlock process initiating across the world, it has never been a right time than today to make certain changes in how these patients can be treated and aid them in freeing themselves from the mental trap.

People face many ups and downs in their life, whether it be personal or professional. But, how they react to it, makes the difference. There have been many cases where people have succumbed to these kinds of mental illness due to lack of proper treatment and therapies. Hence, there has never been a more crucial moment than today - where the whole world is looking forward to this new normal - to help these people overcome their fears, loneliness, stress, anxiety, etc., and lead them on a track where they can ride a better life post COVID-19 era.

Leading People towards the New Normal
As World Mental Health Day is nearing, it would be the perfect time to introduce a Delhi based company called TalktoAngel who has been perfectly understanding the situation and accordingly focusing on freeing patients from their own mental trap. As per the name prescribes, the company has really been an angelic entity which started its operations from 2019 to counter the growing cases of mental health illness across the globe. Since their inception, TalktoAngel has been on a constant mission to spread awareness about mental health and wellbeing among the people across the globe. They have skillfully integrated various next-generation technologies onto their web platform to provide robust therapy sessions seamlessly. By utilizing TalktoAngel platform, people now can receive real-time support from their accredited online therapists, irrespective of them being stuck in any corner of the world, today.

Delivering services combining 300+ years of Experience
Talking about the mixed bag of Mental Health professionals in TalktoAngel platform, they have experts and professionals who have combined experience of 300+ years. They have been offering online therapy and counselling services to help people with any, every mental health challenge that one is going through, irrespective of time or place they are in currently. To name a few, TalktoAngel has their expertise across every therapy session which concerns addiction, ADHD, Anger, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, etc. One of the important USPs of TalktoAngel would be the user friendliness of its platform where people can easily choose their therapy and therapists from the listed therapists'
profile and also choose the correct time as per their convenience.

"We are currently providing a one-on-one session using our own in-built system where one can avail services from any device, whether it be laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc. Also, these sessions are not limited to time and space, hence one can opt from anywhere at any time," highlights Arpit Suri, Co-Founder at TalktoAngel. We also have online programmes for corporate and educational institutes under the name of Employee Happiness Program and Students Happiness Program. This has been significantly helping both the corporate and educational institutions to keep their employees' and students' mental health at its optimum," adds Arpit.

Homestead of Interactive Sessions to Indulge Users
In the midst of lockdown, TalktoAngel also offered free sessions so as to help people jerk out of any kind of mental illness. And currently, they have also started with some innovative puzzles, phrases and other captivating practices and interactions, so as to indulge people in some or the other way - A simple but effective way to help people forget about their loneliness.

By utilizing talktoangel platform, people now can receive real-time support from their accredited online therapists, irrespective of them being stuck in any corner of the world, today

"We decided to come up with a dedicated corner for the program, where we have been providing various tips and tricks for maintaining mental health fitness amidst lockdown. We keep on updating and changing the section so as to come up with exciting new ways to indulge people and help them forget about their disorders," signifies Arpit.

Furthermore, they have an offering called scientific behavioural assessment, where self-assessment tests on different mental health conditions are delivered to help people in making a better mindset. Another major USP of our company would be that we are really blessed and privileged to have the guidance and the expertise of our mentor Dr. (Prof) R K Suri who solely has a real-time experience of more than 36 years in the field of health, education, environment & energy respectively. We are also grateful to all the professionals and experts who are associated with. And because of whom, we are able to create the trust and comfort among the users. That is how we are creating this niche in the current market.

Blanketing Globe to Fight Mental Health Disorders
"Besides India, we are currently aiding our patients/users across America, Europe and Australia. We are witnessing increasing demand for these kinds of services at the international front as there are many people who are out there that need immediate help. And especially we Indians are still stuck across the globe today, due to a pandemic where some of them are seriously in need of immediate help. And considering who can understand an Indian better than another Indian, we are on a mission to help our clients irrespective of time or space they currently might be in," concludes Arpit.

“In the midst of lockdown, talktoangel also offered free sessions so as to help people jerk out of any kind of mental illness”

Arpit Suri, Co- Founder
Arpit is a dynamic team builder and a tech savvy. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant and a graduate in the commerce stream from University of Delhi. Prior to starting his venture, he was associated with Deloitte, India for about three and a half years handling various international clients and transactions, with a specialization in taxation and funding. Arpit is highly passionate and vocal about spreading awareness and knowledge about mental health wellness in India, and thus incepted his well thought and specialized start-up. Arpit currently is a part of the key management and heads the finance vertical at TalktoAngel. He continues to be instrumental and a key role player in the innovative ideas and expansion projects of TalktoAngel.

Dr. (Prof) R K Suri, Mentor ­
Dr. R. K. Suri is a Clinical Psychologist, a Strategic Health Management Consultant, and an eminent educationist. He is a team performer with a passion to excel and serve the aging community, working towards women empowerment, and good governance. He has been the `Founding Director' of Rajeev Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology, Rae Bareli, and instrumental in setting up of IIITs, IIMs, and IITs in the country besides setting up of medical colleges and hospitals in India and abroad. He is currently onboard as a Governor of hospitals and health companies to provide strategic directions

Recognition of Merit by Rotary Club of Capital City New Delhi for providing psychological counselling support to acid attack victims