Rapid Care: A Full - Cycle Medical Billing Company, Bestowing 360 Degree Solutions in Medical Practice

VenkatLaxman,CEOWhen individuals think about the chores in the healthcare field, it is easy to assume that most jobs involve direct hands-on patient care. What many miss-out is that administrative errands are equally necessary to guarantee quality healthcare assistance. Medical Billing and Coding is an important piece in the managerial & administrative puzzle that bolsters up the colossal healthcare industry. Equipped with 18 years of experience in Medical Transcription and Billing/Coding, serving 600+ physicians across USA and Canada. Rapid Care is a hot-shot one-stop vendor that is competent of meeting all needs of a medical practice, backed up by strong finance, trained specialists and state-of-the-art infrastructure & facilities.As an end-to-end service provider, the company manages all aspects of clinic including SEO, SEM & digital marketing.

Rapid Care’s medical billing service is a full-cycle billing company with 360o solutions starting from Practice Analysis, Credentialing & Enrolment, Eligibility Verification, Pre Authorization, Referral Management and Denial Management to Patient Receivables Follow up, Patient Statement & Claims Dispatch, and Federal & State Incentive programs assistance along with On-Demand Customized Reports. For every physician, the company renders highly skilled billing personnel, who exhibit price-defying high-end performance reflecting Rapid Care’s vast knowledge, to ensure that insurance companies & patients
are called up and aggressively followed up with on every claim. Further more, most of them adeptly manage claim invoice for an entire lifecycle from the generation of encounter till the client gets paid by the insurance company/patients.

Rapid Care analyzes its codes on a regular basis to check their validity, and ensure that the documents and service warrant a higher level procedure

The Flow of Action
The flow of incorporating practice also involves electronic & paper Claim Filing for all carriers, Patient account creation, Entry Charge, Payment Posting, Denial Analysis and Re-processing rejected / partially paid claims. Further more, secondary carrier claims upon receipt of the primary carrier which helps maintain accurate up-to-date accounts receivables. With adept Insurance Follow up & Appeal via telephone / letter, Insurance verification along with Detailed report of billing transactions on a weekly, bi weekly, or monthly schedule, this Chennai-based firm creates growth and builds a seamless partnership with its clientele.

Rapid Care analyzes its codes on a regular basis to check their validity, and ensure that the documents and service warrant a higher level procedure. It also provides free Procedure & Diagnosis Code Analysis to potential clients on time, even before they start along with its 24/7 customer service department. Services like design & implementation of the latest best practice office processes and providing training to the client’s staff on more efficient billing & data collection procedures include specialized consulting for ‘adding’ on to the client’s revenues. “We ensure that not even a penny is
lost in the whole process for unreasonable reasons,” asserts Venkat Laxman, CEO, Rapid Care, who has attained the Pathfinder Award for Entrepreneurial Leadership 2013-14 from Tamil Nadu Governor.

Rapid Extensions Ahead
Expanding to other Indian states, Rapid Care intends to build business continuity & disaster recovery centers to ensure that its clients’ enjoy uninterrupted operations 24x7. Growing its revenue at a 22-25 percent rate annually, Rapid Care wishes to venture into the healthcare management group & hospital market, apart from serving US based RCM companies. It forecasts a 50 percent growth in 2018 following the launch of a couple of high-end versatile mobile app based analytical tool that would help physicians to attain real-time reports, analytics, patient feedbacks, as well as ensure statutory compliance. Complying with HIPAA, this ISO 27001:2013 certified company endeavours to establish smaller facilities in tier-2/3 & rural areas to provide those knowledgeable & committed people employment and better life style. Amidst the 1200 people Rapid Care intends to employ by 2020, 60 percent would be from tier-2 and the rest from urban areas.

Key Management:
VenkatLaxman, CEO
A MBA – International Business from Johnson & Wales University, Venkathas vast business experience IT & Services industry. Skilled in Vendor Management, Mergers & Acquisitions, Strategic Planning, and Business Development, he was also awarded the ‘Pathfinder Award for Outstanding Entrepreneurship’ in 2013 by the Times of India Group.

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