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  • 10 Most Promising MedicalBilling Service Provider - 2017

    Upon visiting any medical establishment and one can easily grasp the haphazard functioning and conundrum that is prevalent on the campus. Where human lives are at stake, one does not have the luxury to waste even the nth portion of a second. Under such circumstances, expecting one to focus on administrative and billing functioning rather than crafting ways to make lives better is nothing short of tragic. A separate organ for such processing, the medical billing industry is highly adept to take over the chaos and streamline the operations for organizations, empowering them to focus all their energy towards enhancing their medical practice without any financial regrets. Such is the popularity of these services that the Grand View Research, Inc predicts that the current medical billing...

10 Most Promising MedicalBilling Service Provider - 2017

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Ascent Business Solutions Ascent Business Solutions Ajay Kapoor, Founder & Director The perfect revenue cycle partner that provides clients the edge they need to perform at its optimum levels and increase profits, while improving overall operating efficiency by assessing the situation and drive to reach the desired outcomes.
Billed Right Billed Right Saurin Patel, Co-Founder & CEO Billed Right services provides its clients withease of mind where thet can entails every aspect of the revenue cycle management, transparency of accounts access to the different aspects and stages of the RCM
Eclat Health Solutions Eclat Health Solutions Karthik Polsani, CEO A comprehensive healthcare support services that acts as a partner for medical institutions who can reduce their administrative burden so that they can focus on delivering excellent patient car
Exidion Exidion L.S Ram, Managing Director & CEO Exdion is an Insurance and Healthcare business process transformation company and helps healthcare payers and providers transform their process reliability, eliminate wastage and gain revenues
ISourceindia ISourceindia Shiva Kuamr, CEO iSource is a leading BPO Company that predominantly serve the needs of healthcare industry and ensures that the projects are managed to the highest standards by personally communicating milestones and project specific information
ProMaestro ProMaestro Praveen Vadlamudi, CEO Pro Maestro offers a fully-integrated, end-to-end services suite which helps Physicians and Medical Billing companies to simplify every step of their Revenue Cycle Management process.
QBSS QBSS Nirmal Kumar Rajachandran, Co-Founder & CEO Offering end to end business process services & software solutions for the revenue cycle management industry
Rapid Care Rapid Care VenkatLaxman, CEO A seasoned full cycle medical billing & coding company providing comprehensive solutions