Rajyog Spiritual Healing Centre: Forging a Healthy & Hassle-Free Lifestyle through Yogic Healing

Chandrashekhar Patil, Master Spiritual Healer
Chandrashekhar Patil
Master Spiritual Healer

Complexity in today’s world is a major cause for emotional negativity, leading to suffering in an individual which affects their personal as well as professional life. Corporates are adopting corporate wellness program as a part of their work culture to retain talent and gain in business benefits. However, maximum of the wellness service providers’ solutions are either lecture-oriented or Yoga-oriented, which helps in improving the physical and emotional well-being. But there remains a gap between being well and the healing of mind, body and soul by discovering inner peace that can be achieved only through Spiritual Healing.

Rajyog Spiritual Healing Centre fills that gap by helping people to reduce complicacy in life, treat incurable diseases and lead a healthy and emotional strain-free life utilizing Yogic Healing technique. Master Spiritual Healer Chandrashekhar Patil started Rajyog in 2001 as a sincere effort to keep this ancient Indian science alive in today’s modern world and help community as a whole
through this holistic approach.

Divine Energy for Absolute Healing
Rajyog’s specialty is its Yogic Healing technique, which involves Yogic Kriyas to attain spiritual growth with high level of divine energies used for treating ailments. The organization works purely with divine energies without using any medication for healing, thus treatment technique stays free of any side effects, which enables Rajyog to stand apart from other wellness solution providing organizations.

"Rajyog’s specialty is its Yogic Healing technique, which involves Yogic Kriyas to attain spiritual growth with high level of divine energies used for treating ailments"

Its Yogic Healing treatment starts with cleaning & activation of chakras, followed by the treatment of the infection and ends with healing along with regeneration of cells. “The detailed process includes meditation to reduce stress & control anxiety with cleaning chakras and activating it to create balance in the emotional state followed by cleaning aura, and detoxifying the body to remove negative energies to feel energized, which is finally concluded with attunement of divine energy - a process by which the divine healing energy is given in the hands of the person and remains with him for the entire life for healing and self-development,” explains Chandrashekhar.
The benefits of corporate Yoga to encounter infirmity are unmatched by other wellness programs, as the very crux of the Yogic discipline is a mind-body balance. Rajyog offers corporate wellness workshops for employees in which participant’s pain, negativity and toxins are relieved from the body using Yogic Healing. Though every individual has different reasons for being physically & emotionally down, the organization crafts a customized wellness program for everyone, by investing ample time to analyze & understand the patient’s restorative requirements to provide Yogic Kriyas accordingly. The divine energies are specially designed and modified by Chandrashekhar into different kinds of Yogic Kriyas to work on the different systems of the body (Sanjeevani Yog to work on cellular regeneration, Dhauti Yog for enhancing the digestive system, Netra Suddhi Yog for de-stressing the eyes and many more). The concepts are thoughtfully designed to ensure the overall wellness of employees at the grass root level.

Rajyog has a very dedicated team of people working together as a family striving to propagate the science of Yogic Healing to the masses. As evidence look no further than its recently established Rajyog Spiritual Healing & Welfare Trust, which includes trust activities like conducting free Yogic Healing workshops to educate and heal the economically weaker sections of the society to lead a healthy life.