Radiant Home Health Services: A Distinguished Elder Healthcare Backed by Military-Experienced Nurses

Dr. Renuka David, Managing Director

Dr. Renuka David

Managing Director

Ageing despite being a natural phenomenon, is not much celebrated in our society. With ageing, people become more dependent, prone to various medical conditions and feel debilitated. They need specialized care and assistance for their needs compassionately without feeling socially isolated. Thus, living in a society where children are mostly working and the parents are fending for themselves dealing with their disabilities, it has become a necessity to hire a caregiver who is professionally skilled and medically qualified. Dr. Renuka David also encountered such a situation years ago, wherein her father-in-law, a diabetic in his 80s, needed such guided care. “I hired a professionally trained girl who took utmost care of him. I was moved by the professional care provided and realized this growing social need which had a huge gap,” reminisces Dr. Renuka(Managing Director), who later founded Radiant Home Health Services(RHHS) to fill this void.

An Initiative to Promote Elderly Well-Being
Backed by a strong organization, Radiant Medical Services, a subvertical of the Radiant Group of Companies, RHHS holds credibility in doing it all under the military precision. Laid-down with a strong foundation, this Chennai based RHHS offers unparallel, personalized and hassle free home healthcare services to recovering and aged patients. The company has exclusively rooted itself over the years with its explicitly cued learning, inscribing textbooks, setting rules & guidelines, building own USPs and making SOPs, followed by stringent customer satisfaction. Unlike other elderly care organizations, RHHS is solely supervised by Dr. Renuka, and assisted by a team of military experienced (senior hires) nurses, specialized doctors, physiotherapists, healthcare professionals and attendants.

The organization treats elderly patients who
are debilitating due to their immobility or some non-communicable diseases like diabetes, hypertension, coronary artery disease, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer and others. Co-ordinating lab tests, doctors visits, wellness and diet counselling, RHHS also provides concierge services in order to accompany elder patients to places like hospitals, banks, temples and others. A well known name across Chennai and Trichy, RHHS sources the nurses from paramedicals and paranursing institutions, does complete background verification and rigorously trains them for two weeks, which involves teaching etiquettes, grooming, providing them kit pack & technical analysis, followed by risk management. For rendering its incomparable services, the organization holds tie-up with St. Thomas Hospital, Kaveri Hospital and other major hospitals, including two pharmacies with home delivery services.

For proper scrutiny and security of the clients, it also recommends for CCTV installation. However, to keep abreast with the quality of service, the senior hires constantly monitor the clients and nurse through regular and surprise visits at client’s place. Taking a step further, RHHS has installed GPS in its nurses’mobiles for tracking their attendance and to & fro commute from the client’s place to ensure their safety is too paramount.

Forthcoming Roadmap
Currently deploying 100+ nurses in total, the company has relished 22 percent growth in the last quarter and plans to expand nationwide without losing its credibility and quality. RHHS looks forward to upgrade its services by inducing some technical apps in the management process. “Serve elderly with the passion and purity of your heart because other than a business module, it’s a great service that you are doing to the community, to the society,” posits Dr. Renuka.