Quest Teleradiology Solutions: Committed to Improve Healthcare through Technology

Dr. Karthik Gopal,  Medical Director

Dr. Karthik Gopal

Medical Director

The demand for diagnostic and image interpretation services in radiology is growing rapidly all over the world. According to a survey by Outsource 2india, with the increase in demand for imaging scans and the US facing about 20 percent short age of radiologists, the market for Teleradiology services has increased significantly in the past five years. This has helped India become the largest Teleradiology hub in the world with various companies mushrooming in Bangalore, Pune, Delhi,and other Indian cities.These companies offer Teleradiology services to hospitals/healthcare institutions in the US and other Middle Eastern and European countries. Quest Teleradiology Solutions is a Bangalore based company that provides complete radiology services extending from diagnostic business development to Tele reporting. The organization offers comprehensive radio diagnosis solutions to hospitals and diagnostic centers in India and across the world, promoted by a team of medical doctors and management professionals with a combined healthcare experience of
over 90 years.

Headquartered in Bangalore, Quest Teleradiology Solutions’ flagship offering is good quality radiology reports to any patient in any geography at any time of the day or night. With over two decades’ of Radiology experience in London, Medical Director and Chief Radiologist of Quest, Dr. Karthik Gopal leads a team of over 20 radiologists who have expertise in different subspecialties of radiology. “At Quest Teleradiology Solutions, our chief aim is to use technology to bridge the gap in service delivery in the Teleradiology/ Telemedicine segment. The organization is actively working on making a change in this scenario particularly in using technology to make hospitals and diagnostic centers in remote areas have access to good quality radiology reports for their patients. We have also teamed up with an information technology platform that can offer support to any hospital or diagnostic center wanting to link up their radiology department for telemedicine. The use of Information technology to link doctors in urban areas to patients in rural/remote geographies is a win win situation for all stakeholders,” says Dr. Karthik Gopal, Medical Director, Quest Teleradiology Solutions. Quest maintains the highest standards when it comes to protecting the patient data and reporting quality. Its regular audits and double reporting ensures that the accuracy of patient reports meet international standards. Any discrepancy noticed post these are quickly addressed by the relevant teams. Also, patient confidentiality
is maintained with the help of technology to mask personal information such as name and location so that there is no misuse.

Growing By Leaps And Bounds
Quest Teleradiology Solutions has steadily grown from strength to strength and the chief driver behind this is the quality of radiology reports and the rapport with their clients. The organization firmly believes that the telemedicine industry is here not just to stay but to make a huge impact on how healthcare delivery shapes up not only in India but across the world in the next couple of decades. Its flexible team goes to great lengths to ensure that the patients and their referring doctors get the right medical diagnosis that helps them to decide on the future course of action /treatment. Quests’ business and the strategic end are led by industry leaders with healthcare and pharmaceutical industry experience of over 40 years.

“The expertise and direction of the management team have helped steer the operations to fresh and newer pastures over the last couple of years and we hope to be a strong contender in the years to come. In coming years, the company is looking to build low cost platforms in connecting the Referring Doctors, Hospitals, Imaging Centers, and is currently evaluating other areas of medical services that can be brought into the telemedicine fold hoping to increase the scope of offerings beyond radiology in the future,” concludes Dr. Karthik.