Prudent: Perfecting Hearing Power

Rajesh Bansal,  Co-Founder

Rajesh Bansal, Co-Founder

Rajesh Bansal is among those people who paid heed to help suffering from any kind of hearing disabilities. With this noble thought, he along with business partners launched Prudent, a healthcare centre that provides hearing aid solutions to both children and adults. It is famously known for carrying out the cochlear implants- an electronic device that stimulates the auditory nerve through electrodes placed in the cochlea of the inner ear. This is one of the most effect ways of treating hearing impairment. It discreteness lies in the unique services that it proffers. It brings forth latest software & Equipment that are used for the diagnostic & programming of machine. It is basically involved in auditory and other related issues, it performs detailed research of the malady, unearthing its prevention, identification and stabilizing every malfunctions. Hence, all these services and products are scientifically proven certified and are of global standard. “Prudent is a one stop shop giving out healthful solutions best suited to the patients. We are amongst the
few health centres that conduct cochlear implant for both children and adults,” says Rajesh, Co-Founder, Prudent.

"Prudent is a one stop shop giving out healthful solutions best suited to the patients"

Rajesh built the seed of this audiology centre way back in 1995 when he together with Priya Bansal. Initially, they began with a dental clinic which later was turned into a polyclinic administered by doctors with different medical specialities. It was during this time that he instituted the audiology section. And ever since then the organization has been maintaining aptness and perfection in every endeavour, be it diagnosing, treating or giving better-suited hearing devices. “I along with my business partners Bhupesh Mital and Manish Bansal inaugurated Prudent to cater all audiology related issues,” avers Rajesh.

This audiology rehabilitation and speech therapy that this infirmary practices is modelled by certified Audiologists and therapists. The company uses audiology devices that are best in the market. Prudent is the only clinic in India that puts forward Interacoustics cochlear implant which has helped us master the art through its amazing software. The company has made huge investments in order to keep itself well equipped with all the necessary medical apparatus. It also assures warranty of two to four years and ensuring to repair it under any wear and tear. “We have got the most eminent doctors, therapists and equipments for
delivering best remedy to our patients. With a little effort from the individuals can fortify the medication,” states Rajesh.

Pune headquartered Prudent has been a subject of the unethical trade of medical equipments. In most cases these traders are uncertified and have minimal knowledge about these devices and circulate wrong or deplorable products. This creates a sense of distrust and undesirable opinion towards every other organization that deals with audiology related matters. Therefore, it has been a daunting task for the company to recoup the lost trust of the patients making a point to serve them with the best quality medicaments and appliances. To which Rajesh points out, “The audiology ecosystem is very much disorganised in terms of its buying and selling. However, we have been dealing with this by rendering high-quality and accredited commodities and solutions.”

In last three years the company’s business has been gradually growing, it scaled up to 90 to 100 per cent year-on-year progress. It further aims to expand its geographical presence to all the major cities of the country for which it is constantly upgrading itself in every sphere. Hence, this health centre weens in providing accurate solutions to decipher the hearing problems through the far and away the best hearing devices and treatment. Being a power of strength to all those who live through hearing quandaries.