Priocare Health Services: Providing Better Quality of Life

Alfiya & Debojit Ray,   Co-Founders

Alfiya & Debojit Ray

Honesty in approach always comes to light with dedication and hard work. The audiology industry of India has seen considerable amount of honesty throughout the decade and now stands on firm grounds owing to the relentless efforts of learned enthusiasts. Debojit and Alfiya Ray are two such people who have and are in the process of dedication towards audiology and speech therapy consultancy for the last three years. “We got chances to work with different ENT professionals and came to a decision that we must start our own practice and help the society in a better way. When you are working under someone there are limitations, there are some decisions that you are unable to take. So then we formed our own company which delivers services in both audiology and speech therapy”, says Debojit Ray, Co-Founder & Head Audiologist, Priocare Health Services.
Why Priocare?
The current market of audiology today stands parallel to corporate functioning. Everywhere there are franchises in operation where the entire focus is on the sales of the product. Amidst this business oriented environment, the value of wellness and humanity is somewhere lost. Priocare is emerging to meet that need that is still in question in the healthcare industry. Both Debojit and Alfiya are of the vision to not only keep a patient alive but to provide them with a much better quality of life which is possible only when profitability comes second in line.

"In this short span of time, Priocare has achieved a YOY revenue growth of 40 percent"

As far as the structuring of audiology and speech therapy is concerned, Priocare comes along with a gamut of services. “We have all kinds of evaluation and everything done under one roof. All the audio evaluations, assessments among other diagnostic procedures are carried out with utmost care and dedication. We also work with hearing aids. Our solutions are for infants to children to adolescent to adults. In case of speech therapy again the group is as similar like a child with autism spectrum disorder or a child with cerebral palsy and also geriatrics for stroke patients that include speech therapy and swallowing”, asserts Alfiya Ray, Co-Founder & Director.
The Road towards Establishment
Having started operation in 2017, Priocare came along a few hiccups in the beginning. Last two and half years have been full of challenges but as it stands, the founders have overcome them all. According to them, it is only because of the word of mouth that has helped Priocare reach where it is now.

It is worth mentioning that both of them take their profession in a very systematic way. They think that diagnosis is similar for everyone but the type of intervention makes all the difference. E.g the diagnosis of a hearing disorder can be detected in the same way for children and adults but the way the fix the disorder makes all the difference. It is different for an adult and entirely different for an infant.

In this short span of time, Priocare has achieved a YOY revenue growth of 40 percent. It has collaborated with Koshy Hospitals, Ovum Hospital, Vikram Hospital and Hosmat Hospital regarding consultancy of audiology and speech therapy. Expressing the future of the company, the founders conclude, “The vision for Priocare Health Services was to have a holistic approach towards health services. We want to have established setups in all the health parameters and work together as a team and take it ahead not with medicine but with paramedical measures like physiotherapy, occupational therapy among many others.”