Primus Lifespaces: Where Every Minute of Your Twilight Years is spent Fruitfully

Adarsh Narahari, Founder & Managing Director

Adarsh Narahari

Founder & Managing Director

India has come a long way in terms of geriatric care. During the 1980s, old-age homes were mere shelters for the needy and for charity, but with trends like senior living seeping-in, caring for the elderly has anchored a much recognized and graceful poise in the society. Trotting the globe on a quest to enrich this trend, Adarsh Narahari (Founder & Managing Director) spent over a year with seniors in different retirement communities literally sharing their laughter and tears, understanding their emotions and expectations. The outcome of this rendezvous concreted when he established Primus Lifespaces in 2013 envisioning complete senior care via a robust and self-sufficed eco-system.

Operating as a complete advocate of hospitality, Primus Lifespaces is the only ageing-place community endorsing both assisted and active living. Ensuring that medical, emotional and physical needs are taken care of, the center simplifies care utilizing the push-button practice (where every need is taken-care of in the push of a button) with the idea to help seniors focus on enjoying their twilight years and reduce the process of aging by instilling a proactive ambience. Apart from having vigorous, medical facilities, concierge, housekeeping and event facilities in place, the establishment is a true patron for providing healthy nutrition with exclusively selected ingredients (a customized al-a-carte-menu – three meals/day, high-tea, snacks, late night health-drink) under the keen supervision of full-time dieticians/nutritionists, doctors, housekeeping staff and nurses available round-the-clock. Adarsh states, “We provide continuous physiotherapy and regular monitoring to our clients and keep them mentally stimulated & physically active, helping extend about five-seven active years of their lives”.
Assured Assistance Throughout

Overcoming old ages’ overwhelming feeling of loneliness, Primus ensures no client goes unattended to. Every member is understood individually and grouped with similar others who share the same values and thoughts. Moreover, utilizing the fruits of technology, members are able to keep in touch with loved ones while doctors and family can track the client’s health records via secured cloud-based tracking. With a set time-table, members are occupied accordingly and updated with latest technology trends, and leisure is spent at the in-house club consisting of swimming-pools, snooker-tables, card-rooms, library, meditation hall and a temple. Extremely critical geriatric patients receive tailor-made treatments depending upon their medical condition (physical/mental) exclusively designed under the consent of general manager and the doctor-on-campus.

We provide continuous physiotherapy and regular monitoring to our clients and keep them mentally stimulated & physically active

En-route to Progress

On a constant quest for improvement, this three-time ‘Best Senior Living Project of the Year’ (2016-17-18) winner tirelessly strives to stay ahead of meagre geriatric care. Introducing a wireless, GPS & sim-card based health monitor for emergencies, members are able to utilize its push-button option that automatically alerts messages to the staff and relatives drawing immediate attention for need-based treatments. A non-invasive health monitor is additionally underway to enhance patient care.

What started-off with just 75 units of senior living around six years ago is now 250 operating units with 1500 pipelined branches to sprout in Chennai, Hyderabad & Pune besides Bangalore. Adarsh concludes, “Primus aims to make presence in every aspect of aging & senior care, build city-center based co-living model for seniors and produce senior-relevant products. We will soon be expanding our services beyond Primus and provide services even at-home for seniors in the next five years”.