Prakhoj: A Centre of Excellence, Active in all Areas of Biological Sciences and Geo informatics

Sharad Ojha,Director

Sharad Ojha


Over the last few years, the initiative of GoIs Atal Incubation Mission, endeavouring India's science and technology-focused startup movement has steadily improved in terms of both quality and quantity. Today, innovative Indian enterprises are becoming pioneers in a wide range of domains. Supported by various government science agencies AIM has given a boost to the startup environment and has also invested in new ones. One such firm incubated under Atal Incubation Center, supported by NITI Ayog in Jyothy institute of technology campus is M/s. Prakhoj PVT LTD. A consultancy and R&D start up in the field of Biosciences and Geo informatics, Prakhoj is based on the premises of a centre of excellence for science and technology that has all the required equipment and resources for successful completion of projects.

Prakhoj provides its Contract Research services in the realm of biotechnology, nanotechnology, fermentation technology, food technology, microbiology, and Consultation services in the areas of remote sensing applications, spatial data analysis, location intelligence, and environmental modelling. The firm develops and licenses technologies funded by various government and private organizations that can be used by various industries to enhance their products and processes towards sustainability and currently has MoU’s for the same with a couple of organizations. It also conducts contract research and consultation projects to assist firms in bridging the gap between their present and desired results through theoretical and application based studies.
Under Geoinformatics consultancy services, Prakhoj works with organizations towards data processing, analyses, and modelling to help provide more meaningful insights with the added dimension of spatial data, that can be used to environmental impact assessment and business analytics. Prakhoj also develops meaningful applications that utilize the wide GIS capabilities to widen the scope of information dissemination and analytics. The firm leverages the benefits of being incubated in an institute and widens its access to technology and resources to provide more services to its clients. In delivering the services, the Prakhoj-CRO uses nanoparticles, enzyme technology, nano encapsulation of perfumes, and advanced microbial cultures. While the GIS vertical of Prakhoj ensures reliant data acquisition and management, along with the use of up-to-date infrastructure and GIS software to provide relevant insights and services to the clients.

Under the supervision of professional consultants and senior team members, the quality of the services is ensured by re evaluating its results both internally and externally. Prakhoj has also developed products such as the at home hobby wine making kit, Anti hangover tablets, and malodor solutions, the technologies of which it licenses and shares with its manufacturing partners.

Currently, Prakhoj CRO is working on several technologies, including a long lasting malodor solution based on microbial and nanotechnology which is being funded by BIG; and a process for making Kombucha (fermented health drink) from various agro wastes in collaboration with Praras Biosciences Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru. Prakhoj has also signed MoU with CFTRI, Mysuru for the production of soluble fibers through technology transfer mode, and Jyothy Institute of Technology, Bengaluru for working on various application oriented projects.

Prakhoj GIS is also working on the development of applications for the urban areas, leveraging GIS based data driven insights which is currently under the ESRI Geoinnovation program and the iAspire acceleration program by India Accelerator, supported by Startup India.

With the multiple current projects and innovations at hand as well as additional prospective projects in the pipeline, M/s. Prakhoj expects revenue growth of over 80% for the upcoming financial year.

“As an R&D and services based startup, at Prakhoj, we don't plan to limit ourselves to technology development in the few fields, but rather to conduct research in a variety of fields and develop technologies that can be licensed. Our endeavour is to lower our operating costs and provide a steady stream of revenue through technology innovations and licenses,” concludes Sharad Ojha, Director.