Prakash Psychiatry & Psychology Services: A One - Stop - Destination for All Mental Illnesses

Dr. Ravi Prakash, DirectorWith an effective therapist, science shows that psychotherapy even works better in the long-term and is more enduring than medications. In fact, not only is it more cost effective, but psychotherapy leads to fewer relapses of anxiety and mild to moderate depression than medication use alone. With same belief, Dr. Ravi Prakash (MBBS, DPM, MD, FIPS, FIMA), an internationally acclaimed psychiatrist & psychotherapist, established Prakash Psychiatry & Psychology Services (PPPS) that acts as one-stop-destination for all mental illness that arise due to various abnormalities of behavior, mood, cognition and perceptions. From conventional psychotherapy (psychodynamic therapy, counseling and others) to evidence based therapies, including behavioral, occupational & biofeedback therapy, DBT, REBT, childhood assessment(IQ), childhood & geriatric(old age) therapies (dementia cases, depression & psychotic cases) and so on, this Bangalore based clinic renders entire form of therapies for all aspects of mental health. It is soon going to add medico legal counseling for martial couples.

With several specifically designed tests to measure an individual’s emotional & psychological states, adaptive abilities and also neuropsychological aspects, the clinic envisions to understand and conceptualize the psychological issues into an organized format for developing & designing a customized intervention strategy based on the patients’ issues, instead of blindly applying generic therapy techniques, which have little use for the patients. PPPS accords its patients the freedom to choose between medication and psychotherapies. “Besides performing Dialectical Behavior Therapy for border line & impulsivity cases and emotionally unstable personality, we are oriented towards
more sophisticated assessments like Power Spectral Analysis of EEG and Biological therapies, including ETT & Biofeedback, wherein EEG along with power spectrum analysis is exclusively done in our clinic,” adds Dr. Ravi.

Established on the seeds of professional competence, ethics and faith, the clinic educates patients about their medical conditions(especially CBT) and progress, wherein the taught skills help patients to recover fast. “There are several patients who come after 10-15 years of treatment without much improvement, and start recovering within 3-6 months on which we are conducting scientific researches called as case reports,” adds Priyanka Rastogi, Co-Director, PPPS. Keeping in mind that patients share their most intimate details with the counselor, the clinic keeps entire information confidential and shares them with patient’s family only with the patient’s concern. With this customer centric approach, PPPS has carved a niche among populace, where it upholds one of the largest OPD centers (50 patients/day). The clinic has online counselling facility, which dedicatedly provides video sessions every Wednesday to treat patients from over 15 countries including Europe, US, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and more.

Priyanka Rastogi, Co-Director

Scientific Approach to Treatment
To deliver proper and adequate psychological counseling, PPPS creates a patient friendly atmosphere by using scientific techniques such as decorating room walls with scientific photos and furnishing patients with various scientific research papers (Dr. Ravi has 143 research publications to his credit) related to their health condition. “Our clinic is famous for psychotherapy because it is scientific & evidence based rather than philosophy,” professes Priyanka.

The centre that is known forits multi-specialization approach and network of psychologists also offers various forms of relaxation therapies based on patient’s requirement starting from deep breathing, autogenic training and mindfulness relaxation, to muscle relaxation (PMR). The clinic combines all four aforementioned relaxation exercises for better results. Enriched with such therapies & relaxation forms, PPPS is educating patients about distinct benefits of therapies over medicines and preventing them to adopt any other unrelated treatment for mental illness. Deploying excellence at par, the clinic is in the process to rechristen itself as Veditha Mind Care. It plans to expand its footprints and service portfolios in order to serve more number of patients globally and have its own hospital.