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  • 10 Most Promising Psychotherapy Treatment Providers – 2019

    In the view of differences between the eastern and western approaches to mental health, challenges in the culturally responsive adaptations are underscored. However, today’s global-oriented cultures have driven positive perspectives toward the growth of this sector in the country and has therefore gained traction among majority millennials, some baby- boomers and most generation-Z populations. Despite the scaling awareness, psychotherapy in India is still hinged on a dilemma as a result of therapies that emerged from colonial hangover together with rigidity among cultural and traditional ties. Despite this, psychotherapists in the country recognize the huge potential for success of this practice and therefore come up with blended and more flexed therapeutic methods to suit native...

10 Most Promising Psychotherapy Treatment Providers – 2019

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Agrawal Neuro Psychiatry Centre Agrawal Neuro Psychiatry Centre Dr. M.L Agarwal, Senior Consultant & Proprietor Offers complete spectrum of mental healthcare solutions and spread awareness through information, education and communication majorly in rural sections of India
Divinity Heals Divinity Heals Manisha Dhingra Chopra, Founder Leveraging ingenious combinations of Psychological, Para Psychological, and Energy Healing & Meditation Techniques for transforming issues related to stress, anxiety, phobias, addictions and more to assist in gaining balance of the self
Don Bosco Clinical Counselling Centre Don Bosco Clinical Counselling Centre Dr. Thomas Varkey, Director Treating children, youth and adults to deal with all sorts of psychological problems, after assessing their case history, symptoms, and negative events
Dr. Aditya Soni’s Clinic Dr. Aditya Soni’s Clinic Dr Aditya Soni, Founder & Consultant Neuro - Psychiatrist Offering counselling & pharmacotherapy treatment for neuropsychiatric disorders, de-addiction and sexual health apart from other value added services
Dr. Prerna Kohli's Clinic Dr. Prerna Kohli's Clinic Dr. Prerna Kohli, Founder Led by Dr. Prerna Kohli, who holds 25 years+ of experience in psychotherapy and counseling, the clinic is offering psychotherapy treatment to people and helping them understand, deal and overcome their real life problems
Heart To Heart Foundation Heart To Heart Foundation Dr. Rajan Bhonsle, Founder & Managing Director Providing psychotherapy treatment and trainings in different modalities of counselling and psychoticism
Nirnay Consulting Services Nirnay Consulting Services Dr. Hema Karthik, Founder Director & CEO Erasing emotional difficulties & bringing happiness in the life of individuals, couples, and families by offering quality remedial administrations through psychotherapy
Palakkad Counselling Palakkad Counselling Dr. (Prof.) Reghunath Parakkal, Consultant & Mental Health Counseller Providing mental health counselling and training services for effective management trainings for a healthier mind & happy living
Positive Wings Positive Wings Dr. Naznin M A. Chimthanawala, Founder Helps individuals through effective techniques and treatment plans to understand and work on resolving inter & intra personal issues by motivating, developing inherent ability to deal with problems, imparting positivity, and teaching mental exercises
Prakash Psychiatry & Psychology Services Prakash Psychiatry & Psychology Services Dr. Ravi Prakash, Director From conventional psychotherapy to evidence based therapies including BT, occupational & biofeedback therapy, DBT, REBT, childhood & old aged therapies, the clinic renders entire form of therapies for all aspects of mental health