PapayaCare: The Homely Assisted Living and Elderly Care Provider

Sumi Patel,Founder
Sumi Patel, Founder
Ageing is a difficult and painful process, not only because of growing health issues but also due to lack of companionship and independence. At this age,'proper care' is what senior populace need the most especially if they are suffering from illnesses. Every elder’s healthcare necessity depends on their age, nature and type of illness(s). It also depends on the assistance required in day to day activities. But for many people taking care of their aging parents 24×7 is simply not an option due to their busy career and thus, dependent on unreliable and unqualified concierge to take care of their loved ones.

On closely understanding this situation, Sumi Patel(Founder),a Houston-based healthcare professional with 15+ years of experience in senior care, established PapayaCare Assisted Living Facility. The company was founded in 2016 with an idea to provide 360 degree assistance and care to elders and patients. Apart from rendering residential and post operative care facility to independent and dependent elders, it also nourishes people suffering from Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, stroke and neurological or psychological disorders. “We focus on safety,
security, nutrition and emotional support; along with medical aid that we provide at PapayaCare,”professes Sumi.

"We focus on safety, security, nutrition and emotional support; along with medical aid that we provide at PapayaCare"

Holistic Elder-Care Service Provider
PapayaCare Assisted Living Facility is a perfect solution for Independent, Partially dependent and Totally dependent seniors. In other words, those who need little assistance or those who need complete assistance and care in their Activity of Daily Living(ADLs),can count on PapayaCare.

Its highly qualified nursing staff is available round the clock for assistance with bathing, dressing, feeding medication administration, wound care, or other daily activities. It also provides physiotherapy and counseling as needed. Doctor is always available on call. With daily housekeeping, three delicious meals a day, an extensive selection of optional activities and outing are scheduled in order to keep seniors entertained and engaged. On the other hand, its unique strategy of bestowing one caregiver to every three residents round the clock, gives inhabitant a great sense of safety, security and companionship. “We guarantee that your loved ones will be taken care properly and they will have great time socializing” avers Sumi.

Further, the Ahmedabad-based holistic Senior Care Home, PapayaCare manages entire
range of basic medical equipments such as oxygen concentrators, nebulizers, pulse oximeters, vital sign machines. More importantly, qualified nurses perform insertion of urine catheter, nasogastric tube, intramuscular injection (IM), blood draw and intravenous catheter (IV) for Intravenous Therapy without hospitalizing the patient. PapayaCare offers customized packages, depending on the resident’s physical and mental care requirement. This outstanding firm follows US standards for hygiene, nutrition, care and emergency.

Overcoming the Barriers
While India is still struggling to adapt the concept of assistant living, she had an additional challenge of finding trained workforce. Sumi spent hours behind on and off field training in order to equip employees(including caretaker, nurse, cooking and housekeeping staff) with the actual meaning of assisted living facility. But soon, her hardwork payed off when NRIs came forward to enroll their family members at PapayaCare. In no time, PapayaCare acquired more clients and emerged as one of the best elderly care provider in Gujarat through word-of-mouth publicity. “I personally explained family members about the benefits of assisted living services. They could understand that elders are moving to a better place to enjoy 'quality life'. Indirectly, it provides their family members with more space, mobility and worry-free routine,” concludes Sumi.