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Dr. (Prof.) Reghunath Parakkal, Consultant & Mental Health Counseller

Dr. (Prof.) Reghunath Parakkal

Consultant & Mental Health Counseller

Scholastic growth greatly serves the holistic growth of a child. But those who fail to achieve such benchmarks are severely misunderstood by our society. Mental retardation is such a medical condition where it slows down one’s ability to learn new things due to below average intelligence quotient. For instance, Rahul was diagnosed with severe mental retardation in his early childhood with intelligence quotient as low as 40 percent. On further deterioration of his condition, Rahul consulted Dr. Reghunath Parakkal, Consultant & Mental Health Counseller, Palakkad Counselling. Post session, Dr. Reghunath suggested him certain counselling and mind exercises. Within a span of just three months, the therapy enhanced his cognition and improved his behavioural skills. His better performance skills fetched him excellent grade points in his board exams, and now, Rahul plans to peruse his degree course in music.

Like Rahul, thousands of people successfully overcame their health condition under the able hands of Dr. Reghunath, who established counselling services from the grass root level in the city of Palakkad and has organised training programs for stress management, time management, motivational training and de-addiction. Dr. Reghunath conducted about 14,000+ mass counselling classes in the schools, colleges and residential associations.

Excellence in Serving
Palakkad Counselling ensures a full spectrum of counselling services that is
fruitful to its cause. Its sessions start with providing an empathic ear to know the clients and their problems. After the counselling session, it charts-down the training programs for the clients and trains them to lead a healthier lifestyle. While Palakkad Counselling’s ‘Counselling’ helps treat depression, anxiety and other psychiatric issues, for stress management, time management and motivation, it provides deep rooted ‘Training’ to boost the clients’ moral.

Palakkad Counselling has a well-equipped residence surrounded by a serene space for the well being of the visiting clients, thereby ensuring that they receive a complete healthcare regime

The clinic helps kids suffering from behavioural, life skills, memory related and educational issues through Adolescent Counselling. Making a positive dent on the other side of the coin is its Marital Counselling, which resolves premarital and post marital issues. It also runs ‘De-Addiction’ therapy and counselling to relieve the addicted souls from alcohol and drug abuse.

Palakkad Counselling has a well equipped residence surrounded by a serene space for the well-being of the visiting clients, thereby ensuring that they receive a complete healthcare regime. There are plenty of rooms for the visitors with all possible amenities and assures a safe stay. Further, it is one of those few counselling firms that are wheelchair accessible and have friendly staff that can communicate in English, Malayalam and Tamil, and can affirm child safety inside their facility.

Trainer of Trainers
Dr. Reghunath who is known to be the 'Trainer of Trainers' by Govt.of India (Dept. Personal & Training, New Delhi) is on his trail to encourage more psychologists and tutor them to be a future therapists. He is an approved trainer by profession (Trainer for National Cadet Corps, ‘Master Trainer’ Excise Department, and Government of Kerala), and a professor of counselling in various prestigious institutes.

Other than his professional success, Dr. Reghunath actively participates in social services like working with police woman cell. He united thousands of couples who were facing marital issues, besides starting organ donation as a project with woman cell. For these activities, he received Innovation Award of Kerala Govt. from the then CM. As a professor by profession, he is a philanthropist in disguise to transform the fate of India by encouraging ‘healthy minds’. He is also working at famous hospitals in Palakkad - Paalana Hospital, Welcare Hospital, Rajiv Gandhi Co-Operative Hospital, and Nandavanam Ayurvedic Hospital. Moreover, Dr. Reghunath was also recently awarded by California University.