Omni Hospitals: Paving Way for Comprehensive & Cost-Efficient Healthcare

Dr. Aloke Mullick,   Group CEO

Dr. Aloke Mullick, Group CEO

As per a report by EY, the cost of surgeries and medical procedures in several private hospitals is higher than the annual household of close to 60 percent of the Indian population. It is the financial strain that perhaps explains the lack of timely medical care for many people in the country. Omni Hospitals brings a change where medical care comes under a defined pricing model without compromising on the quality of service. “To make our billing more transparent, we offer lot of fixed price packages to our patients and are in the process of finalising 150-200 absolute fixed price packages across our whole range of treatments,” adds Dr. Aloke Mullick, Group CEO, Omni Hospitals.

Omni Hospitals believes in providing a cost efficient and comprehensive care by not only catering to patients’ physical needs but emotional wellness as well. With a strong standpoint in orthopaedics, paediatrics & neonatology and cardiology, Omni Hospitals offers end-to-end expertise inNeurology & Neurosurgery, Spine Surgery, Gynaecology & Obstetrics, General (Internal)Medicine, Pulmonology,
Dermatology, Varicose Surgery, Oral & Facial Surgery, Urology, Nephrology & Dialysis, Gastroenterology & Surgical Gastroenterology, and General & Laparoscopic Surgery. All these treatments are focused on solely three things – trust, cost transparency,and compassionate care.

Diverse Offerings
Omni Hospital Kothapet is the first hospital of the chain and is the group’s flagship centre. Thanks to the great care delivery team, the hospital has 70 percent inflow of patients through friend and family referral and caters to the lower and lower middle-class section of the society while ensuring patient satisfaction as the benchmark.

One the other hand, though Kukatpally is a new facility and still in its ramp up stage, it has also garnered fame for itself as the Times of India’s Best Neighbourhood Hospital and is following Omni Kothapet’s legacy of organic growth and customer satisfaction. One of its senior doctors also holds a reputation of being amongst the best Ortho-oncologists in Hyderabad Region.

The directorate of the hospitals is peppered with highly experienced doctors with international exposure who are here to bring in new ideas and practices. One such hospital is Udai OMNI Hospital (earlier known as Udai clinic). This hospital is the result of the merger between Udai clinic, a 50-year-old and 30 bed orthopaedic hospital and Omni Group. Today, post Omni’s investment, it is a150 bedded hospital known as one of the best joint replacement and spine
surgery centres in Hyderabad. One of the hospital’s directors is the President of the Association of Spinal Surgeons of India and the other director is a known joint replacement surgeon with a long medical experience as senior consultant in England.

The Vishakhapatnam centre of Omni Group started as a paediatric centre and is today, led by top paediatricians of the region, making it the most sought-after hospital with this niche specialty in city and areas nearby. The hospital is also well known for its burgeoning expertise & growth in gynaecology, cardiology, cardiac surgery, kidney transplant and neuro-surgery, to name a few. “By bed capacity, Vishakhapatnam is the largest centre with 200-250-unit bed while others have 150 bed units, we have just started a new mother and care unit by the name Giggles besides the existing facility” states Dr. Aloke. Since the hospital doesn’t offer radiation treatments, it has joined hands with diagnostic centres to help execute complicated processes using machineries like PET Scans, ultra-sonography and many others.

Bringing the Human Touch
Medical practices all over the world emphasise on quality and compassionate treatment. Omni group has an ongoing programme for improving the compassion level of doctors and staff through meditation and plans on introducing many more to bring in a palpable change. “We are now looking at expanding our footprint and focus on acquisition while ensuring transparent medical billing,” concludes Dr. Aloke.