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  • 10 Most Promising Primary Healthcare Clinics – 2019

    While health stands as an indispensable element of our lives, primary healthcare has plunged into the mainstream over the last few years by addressing the concerns of the peripheral and vulnerable culture groups. Primary healthcare has multiple definitions that sum up to preventive, promotive and curative care for individuals based on their requirements and preferences. Altogether, the chief goal or objective of primary healthcare is the provision of person-focused care right across the community they live in, but not disease-focused care. Right from preventing any illness, detecting and treating it if present till imbuing good health practices, the functions of primary healthcare are too many in number and value. To create awareness on not just the concept of primary healthcare...

10 Most Promising Primary Healthcare Clinics – 2019

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
AOPL Clinic AOPL Clinic Pankaj Mishra, COO Providing holistic Health Care in rural areas through digital health clinic encompassing the Natural Environment, Community andIndividual Health
Bonanza Healthcare Bonanza Healthcare Manthan Sutar, Executive Director Offering curated wellness, rejuvenation and preventative health packages with the best diagnostic and wellness centers in India
DLF Foundation DLF Foundation K.P. Singh, Chairman Providing free medical consultancy, specialist treatment, free diagnostics and medicines to a large rural community by ensuring the quality and timely healthcare services
  Doctors For You Doctors For You Jacob Oommen Arikupuram,, Senior Program Manager Involving in building rapid emergency medical response team for the acute early emergency phase of disasters and complex emergencies by delivering faster and better quality deployment through good planning and preparedness
  Hinduja Healthcare Hinduja Healthcare Dr. Vishal Beri, CEO Offering primary healthcare to improve preventive services, ease of access, reduce costs and higher patient satisfaction
  Karma Healthcare Karma Healthcare Jagdeep Gambhir, CEO Aiming to provide medical services to the under-served communities in India, thereby improving health outcomes by early detection and evidence-based treatment
Krishna Hospital And Research Centre Krishna Hospital And Research Centre Dr. J. S. Khurana, Founder & CMD A primary healthcare centre committed to provide world class healthcare facility at an affordable price to patients of the rural area of Kumaon
Omni Hospitals Omni Hospitals Dr. Aloke Mullick, Group CEO A mid-tier specialty hospital offering comprehensive medical care with strong emphasis on transparent billing
Sarkar Hospitals & Morpheus Uma IVF International IVF Centre Sarkar Hospitals & Morpheus Uma IVF International IVF Centre Dr. Debashish Sarkar, Managing Director Being one of the oldest hospitals in Agra, it caters to generations of patients from the city and their surrounding areas
  St. Thomas Hospital St. Thomas Hospital Dr. Sanjeev Mohanty, ENT Specialist Providing an easily accessible route to primary healthcare based on caring for people rather than specific diseases