Olena Health: Inspiring Customers to Strive towards Health Goals with a Holistic Approach

Akash Zaveri,  Founder

Akash Zaveri, Founder

In spite of the fact that Indians make up the greatest number of vegans and vegetarians in the world, ironically, the Indian market (including many nutritionists & doctors) still haven't been exposed properly to various alternative protein sources as compared to the western countries. Countless studies have confirmed that plant-based supplements are easily digestible, low in saturated fats and are naturally high in fibre, while also possessing the same 80 percent protein concentrate akin to whey. Proving it is a study, which subjected a group of people to 12 weeks of resistance training on upper limb muscles and chronicled no difference in muscle thickness between vegetable pea proteins & whey-based dietary products.

Health conscious people are increasingly verging towards a plant-based diet, as alkaline diets make it difficult for cancer cells to multiply. On the other hand, acidic diets, which include whey can result in acne, gas and bloating, while highly processed proteins can take a toll on our kidneys as well. Over and above, not only are plants naturally rich in iron, potassium, calcium & magnesium, but also the protein synthesis in consumers has proven to be 20 percent higher after ingestion of the amino acid leucine, which is abundantly found in pea protein.

Given the plethora of benefits, plant proteins, which are at a very nascent stage of adoption in India are gradually inching towards the centre stage. Topping the charts amongst the very few players manufacturing them is Olena Health, a premium plant-based health supplements company that designs specialized sports nutrition products, functional protein powders and natural vitamins for active individuals. This Mumbai-based company uses real plant-based ingredients that have a purpose and are good for the body, feed the mind and respect the planet. Hence, everything Olena formulates is vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, and soy free.

Going the Extra Mile
The roots of Olena’s rise lie in its unique approach towards formulating its products, wherein Olena takes into account the different requirements of a group of customers and weaves it together in a single product. “When it comes to our formulations, we look beyond the actual ingredients and take a holistic approach. We fortify our products with vitamins and other ingredients that will address the nutritional needs of our target customers,” delineates Akash Zaveri, Founder, Olena Health. For instance, EVOLVE, its performance plant protein powder, also encapsulates vitamin B12 – a supplement most likely to be taken by people (especially vegans) following a plant-based diet.
And it doesn’t stop here; Olena also goes the extra mile to endow its customers with the very best tools, guidance, and inspiration to help them unlock their healthiest, and highest performing version of themselves. The company has partnered with several leading athletes in India, who also follow a plant-based diet. “We have associations with bodybuilders who share a lot of workout guides, nutrition tips, diet plans, and inspiration with our community through our blogs, emails and Instagram. It is authentic content from real inspiring people that help our customers excel and strive towards their health goals,” affirms Akash.

"Olena uses real plant-based ingredients that have purpose and are good for the body, feed the mind and respect the planet"

EVOLVE Beyond Your Boundaries
Olena has different health products designed for the specific health goals of various individuals. Their flagship product is EVOLVE. More than just a regular protein powder, it is designed to enable one to recover faster and stronger post workout. It not only consists of 25 grams of plant protein from peas & brown rice, but is also fortified with Vitamin B12 and antioxidants from acai berries and turmeric, which help to reduce recovery time between workouts. This smooth & delicious product has zero artificial flavours or colours. With high protein (25g) and BCAA (4.7g) content, EVOLVE helps build lean muscle mass, and is ideal for exercises like weight lifting, running, boxing and so forth.

Olena’s latest launch is their superfood, all-in-one blend called ELIXIR, which is designed to fulfil one’s daily nutritional essentials. Available in convenient sachets, it contains 21 grams of sprouted, plant-based protein, probiotics, super greens, antioxidants and essential multivitamins and minerals. Olena also has complimentary products such as vegan oil-filled Omega 3 capsules, organic calcium tablets, sports nutrition powders and more.

Assuring Superior Quality
There is some scepticism in the market for supplements following a study, which revealed that 20 percent of herbal products were contaminated with unsafe level of heavy metals and 33 percent contained unlisted fillers & contaminants. This could cause serious health issues for those with allergies, contraindications, or drug-drug interactions. Even the products claiming to be completely natural often get a bad reputation due to the chemicals used for extraction.

Being a FSSAI certified company, Olena eliminates all such issues by manufacturing its products at cGMP and ISO 22000 certified facilities. Its key supplier is USDA Organic Certified, which is the highest level of certification a food production facility can have. The firm also conducts heavy metal checks on its batches and third-party nutritional lab tests to verify that the claims are validated.

The company has over 25 suppliers of raw materials that are used in the blending of Olena’s finished products. It sources pea and sprouted brown rice proteins from
Gujarat, natural flavors from all over the world, and fruit extracts locally. All of its suppliers are export-oriented MNCs who cater to clients around the world and therefore undergo stringent quality checks. “Our products are food-based and the main ingredients are protein isolates. As our products are hypoallergenic, there will be no side effects when complimented with a healthy, well-rounded diet,” adds Akash. The significant repeat purchase rate of over 40 percent stands as yet another validation to the superior quality of its products.

The Trailblazer
Albeit donning the trailblazer tag helps it to eschew the heat of competition, it does call for navigating through uncharted tough territories. Founded in March 2016, Olena has approached several nutritionists and doctors in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Ahmedabad about the benefits of its products. “Majority of the time, we had been the first plant-based protein company that had reached-out to the nutritionist/doctors,” divulges Akash. After going through the clinical studies and learning about Olena’s ingredients and its benefits, many of these nutritionists and doctors now recommend their products to their clients. The company’s products went-on to get featured in magazines like Vogue & VegPlanet, and received rave reviews from YouTubers as well.

"Having recently completed its portfolio of health supplements with the launch of ELIXIR, Olena’s focus is on building its network of nutritionists, doctors and key fitness influencers"

While its website acts as its primary sales channel, customers can also purchase the products via Amazon, Flipkart and Nykaa. Catering predominantly to the active individuals between the ages of 18-34 years (among which 70 percent are male), the revenue of Olena is presently growing at an impressive 20 percent rate on a monthly basis, owing to its intelligence in reading the market’s pulse.

Spreading the Word
Plants like peas not only draw nitrogen from the air and trap it in our soil, but use significantly less water and land to grow compared to animal-derived proteins. Operating with the mission of helping its customers look and feel awesome without costing the earth, the company is keen to raise awareness in India about the benefits of alternative plant-based proteins. Having recently completed its portfolio of health supplements with the launch of ELIXIR, Olena’s focus is on building its network of nutritionists, doctors and key fitness influencers. With an innovative spirit, determination, and customer-centric approach, Olena possesses the drive to steer the market forward.

Quick Facts:

Headquarter: Mumbai

ELIXIR–Superfood Plant Protein, EVOLVE – Performance Plant Protein, FORWARD – Vegan BCAA & Coconut Water, MCT Coconut Oil, NOURISH – Supergreens & Vitamins, OMEGA-3 – Algae DHA, & ORGANIC – Algae Calcium