Ohum Healthcare: Transforming Lives with World-Class Healthcare IT Solutions

Udai Kumar,President & CEO

Udai Kumar

President & CEO

Healthcare delivery is complex. The demands are infinite, reach and affordability is poor, service is fragmented, quality is varied, and the patient experience is subpar to most other industries. Globally, as population age, and newer treatments get discovered, both cost and demand rise and outstrip the economic growth. With the right combination of technology, process and knowledge, we can completely transform the way healthcare is delivered, combat rising costs and meet the increasing demand.

With this core understanding, a passionate group of clinicians, process specialists, technicians, hospital administrators, and business analysts joined hands and that's how Ohum Healthcare (opening hearts, uniting minds) was born in 2007. Ohum now houses a talented team of 200 employees. As a leader in clinical transformation solutions, Ohum overcame three major challenges: complex technology, poor documentation, and low investment in IT and Processes.

Current Indian Healthcare IT Scenario and Growing Trends

Providers first start with digitizing
administrative systems. Gradually they start improving their capability to control cost through inventory management, scheduling, and automating operations in every department and ancillary services. Next, they start clinical documentation and finally at transformation stage, they benchmark their operations against world class standards of safety, outcomes, turnaround times, and costs. "I believe that greater than 90 percent of all hospitals in our country are still automating admissions and billing," explains Udai Kumar, President & CEO, Ohum. "There are only a select handful who are tending towards best of class IT systems," he adds.

Just as organizations take steps to transform their processes, patients have started to demand a user-friendly healthcare program to manage all their health requirements from their personal mobile phones. "Currently, there are more than two billion people in the world who don't have access to basic healthcare but could probably get it if they could access it on their mobile phones. So, the demand is immense and the change is dramatic, and it is exploding," says Udai.

The Most Advanced Digital Platform

Ohum's flagship product - ohumC5 offers an innovative world class digital healthcare platform for patient care, medicine management, hospital administration, disease surveillance, population health, and analytics. Patients can manage their entire birth to death medical record, clinicians can document,and enhance patient care with evidence based best
practices built into the system. ohumC5 community health platform integrates preventive, primary, secondary and tertiary care. It delivers real - time care-cost continuum management and helps gain competitive advantage through actionable insights to improve safety, outcomes and cost.

Given Ohum's unique concepts and core domain expertise, its product is recognized as the world's best solution ahead of other products by two years, by some of the best American and UK hospitals. Udai asserts, "We spent last eight years in building the product to accommodate every possible condition in healthcare, to handle any complexity. We are very determined to enable quality healthcare for all and provide the same level of care and safety to all users, be they in the top one percent or the bottom of the pyramid".

Miles to Go

Ohum has a large client base and is working with large healthcare groups, oncology hospitals, clinics, a district in a Southern Indian state, 600 villages, and hospitals in three Eastern European countries and U.S. The company plans to develop end-to-end solutions for chronic care management, geriatric care and specific diseases management for young people - preventive, curable and incurable. It aims to build the world's best and most affordable digital health platform and help change a hundred million lives in Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe.