Nutrijize: Catering To Client Requirements With Personalized Nutrition Plans For Each Individual

Jyotsna Tripathi,  FounderNutrition and health have become essential components of modern life. People of all ages are shifting to healthier and more innovative fitness methods, creating a huge demand for nutrition consulting services. Furthermore, lifestyle changes, an increase in disposable income, and increased public awareness of the benefits of nutrition plans are factors that benefit nutrition consulting service providers.

A qualified nutritionist provides guidance to individuals families, and organizations on how to alter their diets, lifestyles, and attitudes for the best advancement of their well-being.

Jyotsna Tripathi is a Bangalore- based diet & active lifestyle expert with more than 15 years of experience in the field of Nutrition and Diet Counselling. She believes in a philosophy that diets, just like clothes, should be tailormade because every individual is different and there is no one size fits all here. “With empathy central to the approach, J's Nutrijize is committed to assisting you in becoming your best self through small, simple, and realistic changes in your life that lead to long term wellness”, speaks Jyotsna Tripathi, Founder. Jyotsna's mission is to instill healthy lifestyle habits in people for them to be the best versions of themselves. She tries her best to support her clients through every stage of their fitness journey and regularly assesses their development to make sure they are on track to reaching their health objectives.
Jyotsna works with a wide range of groups and individuals all over the world, catering to their specific needs, goals, or health conditions and assisting them in leading healthy, worry free life. “Nutrijize offers tailored nutrition based on client needs, lifestyle, eating preferences, and medical issues.

Instead of simply handing out printed diet charts, I carefully analyze each person's unique medical history, lifestyle choices, and entire background before recommending a diet. I do not provide any additional medications or supplements; rather, my primary focus is on home-cooked meals. This holistic approach is specially designed to help clients achieve and sustain their fitness goals”, says Jyotsna. Jyotsna claims that long term wellness can be achieved through simple, powerful, and holistic changes in nutrition and eating habits. Hence Jyotsna offers a wide array of therapeutic and other specific diets for diabetes, cholesterol, gut issues, thyroid and uric acid.

Nutrijize offers online consultations globally as well as in-person consultations for weight loss, weight gain and therapeutic diet programs

Jyotsna always makes sure to emphasize to her patients that they are in charge of their own healthcare, whether or not she is there to guide them. “Nutrijize offers online consultations globally as well as in-person consultations for weight loss, weight gain and therapeutic diet programs. I cater my services to all age groups kids, youngsters, adults, and senior citizens. I provide individualized diet counselling, easy, feasible diet plans personal tracking, and lifestyle modification for clients’ overall health and well-being,” speaks Jyotsna. Jyotsna makes a consistent effort to provide personalized tracking and follow-up for each of her clients so she can assess whether they are succeeding in sticking to the diet plan or if there are any problems. Invoking the proverb ‘Let food be thy medicine’, Jyotsna counsels followers to savor food in moderation rather than adhering to strict nutritional philosophies like maintaining an unattainable level of thinness or depriving themselves of their favorite foods.

Jyotsna aspires to offer her services at educational institutions where she can gather lots of children in one place and inform them about the advantages of a healthy diet. “Now since both parents are working, sometimes they are unable to provide homemade food, and the children rely on canteens and packaged foods, which harms their health. There fore, I want to inform both parents and kids, about the quickest, easiest ways to prepare food for them that is also healthy”, signs off Jyotsna. With a concept centred around sustainability and mind body soul connection, Jyotsna seeks to connect people with real food in their kitchens.