Nutri4Verve: A 24x7 Online Lifestyle, Weight Loss & Therapeutic Life Management Clinic

Shivani Sikri,Founder&Chief

Shivani Sikri


Are you worried about what to eat in the evening party? Confused whether to have that favorite dessert of yours or that dull salad? In this contradictory situation where you are almost on the verge of breaking those rigid diet rules, Shivani Sikri (Founder & Chief Nutritionist, NUTRI4VERVE) is your best companion to help you avoid the 'goof up’. NUTRI4VERVE offers intelligent diet plans for weight loss through lifestyle management (work routines, time constraints, eating habits, meal preferences, travel schedules, genetics and therapeutic/family medical history), made afresh and fulfilling specific demands of clients. Not restricting on your favorite food, NUTRI4VERVE suggests flexible diet plans that focuses on one purpose statement – to get healthy, not skinny and maintain a healthy lifestyle; describing the ideology of Eat Healthy-Look Great-Live Longer!

“I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful I feel since these changes. I've tried many other diets but none has even come close to the success. I would love to thank you in person but realize how many others you have had that have expressed similar request after they have succeeded on your diets. I have gotten truly expert advice from
you as well as quick responses to all my questions. I had no idea just how much difference a diet professional could make and have been truly satisfied with the whole program- from the cost and value of the program!” says a client.

The Clinic proposes a 12-week dietary plan to provide total nutrition and balanced diet, and make lifestyle changes diet in order to get over the barriers between you and your perfect health

Targeted Individualized Attention to Clients
Founded in 2012, Nutri4Verve is an online lifestyle, weight loss and therapeutic life management clinic where the chief nutritionist is 24x7 available to guide you on phone, text, email, WhatsApp and Skype. “My clients stays constantly in-touch with me. If they are going out for a dinner party or travelling and will not be able to follow the prescribed diet, they just ping me on WhatsApp and I instantly guide them, what to eat & what not to eat and still maintain their track,” proclaims Shivani.

“We not only target losing weight on scales, but also target the root cause of weight imbalance in a way that one eats (the right thing at right time) and focus on healthy living,” asserts Shivani. The Clinic proposes a 12-week dietary plan to provide total nutrition and balanced diet, and make lifestyle changes diet in order to get over the barriers between you and your perfect health.
Extending beyond the flagship programs ‘Weight Loss Diets’, NUTRI4VERVE also offers therapeutic diet plans with emphasis on Diabetics, Thyroid, PCOS/PCOD and Lipid imbalances and others. Nutri4Verve persistently motivates its client and educate them on ‘what’ and ‘why’ of a particular diet, thereby developing a trusting relationship.

Awards & Laurels
As a firm believer of persistence, NUTRI4VERVE has been rewarded as ‘Best Dietician in Delhi’ at the International Healthcare Summit & Awards, 2017, was the winner of India’s biggest Healthcare Awards popularly known as the Healthcare Oscars of India - Superstar: Excellence in Diet & Nutrition’ at the Indian Health Professional Awards 2017.

Always open to newer technologies, NURTI4VERVE has in-house developed System software called DMS to track clients’ records of statistics, medical info, food preferences, habits & allergies. It also maintains complete diet customization module for each client and post diet weight response, follow-ups and deviation of diets. Soon Nutri4Verve is going to launch an App to make the access easier. Having its client base PAN-India and abroad, this Delhi-Based company targets the newer uncharted markets for weight management programs and to reach milestones in the field of Sport Nutrition & Nutri Genomics. “We aim to maintain a strategic focus on our USP and to transform into a highly scalable model,” concludes Siddharath Sikri, Co-Founder & Director.