NRI Family Health: Providing Personalized Healthcare Services to the Families of NRI's in India

Chandan Kumar, Co-Founder and head of Operations & Business Development

Chandan Kumar

Co-Founder and head of Operations & Business Development

The latest trends in globalization and the growing fascination with the modern living standards have pushed up the number of Indians to go oversees to try their luck. Moving and settling with a new job sounds easy but it is not so. . The constant thought of the wellbeing of your parents & dear ones while you are away working, makes it really hard to focus. Worry no more as NRI Family Health (NRIFH) is here, founded in 2015.

Course of Action
As per the business course of action, for instance, NRIs living abroad primarily in The States, who are concerned about the well being of their parents can simply register their parents and loved ones with NRI Family Health via the online registration process. After the team runs its analysis on the data and design a report document called as ‘Care Guidance Plan'.It becomes a virtual companion to the families,
developing an emotional bond with the patients in the process. The team is very dedicated. "On behalf of the children, we become virtual companion as care coordinators and develop a trust to share all their health concerns,” says Chandan Kumar, Co-Founder.

NRIFH’s another arm iMedicalConsult is designed and developed to provide unbiased second opinion from best of the doctors practicing across the globe

The Deuce Extension
NRIFH skilfully caters with deuce extension – Key services provided by a separate arm Kare At Home are Physiotherapy, Yoga, trained caregivers, nurses, doctors at home, labs & diagnostic, rent or purchase of Medical equipment and many more. NRIFH’s another arm iMedical Consult is designed and developed to provide unbiased second opinion from best of the doctors practicing across the globe. The Organisation is run and mentored under the guidance of seasoned experts in industry domains not only of health tech & management but also in delivery of quality and affordable preventive, promotive and curative healthcare.
One of the key member in the group Dr.Ritu Kapkoti, who is responsible for training and tracking the quality of care-coordination, informed that they practice most advance training modules and tools to train their care-coordinators and take each and every feedback into consideration to ensure that the care can be made as close as possible to the expectations.

Couple experienced users appreciate the idea and finding it very useful in providing peace of mind to the NRI’s. It is indeed quite praise worthy on account of the team to invest fully in the domain of health and constructive changes in the families of many people. The initiative has also supported by some renowned US based board certified physicians such as Dr.Sumeet Mittal, Dr.Kishlay Anand, Dr.VikramAulakh, Dr.Swaraj Singh and others.