Nityananda Clinic: Idealizing Alternative Therapeutic Healing

Dr. Yogesh Kodkani,  FounderHolistic and self-awareness healing as apparent in alternative treatment has shown to bridge the gap of certain short-comings of the modern western medicine. As opposed to the use of drugs and surgery, alternative treatment approaches healthcare with end-to-end effects on aspects of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. Gaining on this successful upshot, the 1994 established Nityananda Clinic has leveraged a transformational-shift to more alternative methods of treatment in addition to modern healthcare, witnessing successful cure of chronic and so-called incurable diseases.

Offering a variety of treatments like Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Acupuncture, Magnetic & Color therapy, Pranic healing, Yoga and Homeopathy among a list of many others, Nityananda Clinic additionally adopts a unique facility to restore the natural balance of the mind, body & spirit by combining modern, ancient and complementary therapies to treat their patients. Post a detailed study of the history of illness through clinical examination, the clinic utilizes an amalgamation of different therapies that will work
wonders. Further, Dr.Yogesh guides
the patients throughout the healing process, topping it with a complete dietary routine which contributes to healing them at a faster pace.

"Dr.Yogesh guides the patients throughout the healing process,topping it with a complete dietary routine which contributes to healing them at a faster pace

Experience & Skill Carves Holistic Healing
Propagating an environment and a work culture that mirrors the true meaning of its name - ‘Nityananda,’ the staff portray a ‘happy and blissful’ appearance, treating and greeting patients with courtesy and kindness. Housing the expertise of an extra-ordinary professional who specializes in techniques like Homeopathy, Hypnotherapy, Acupuncture, Reiki, Pranic healing and Ayurveda to name a few, the clinic stands as the sanctum of a multi-specialized doctor who is well equipped with the knowledge of the specializations. “My strongest point is that I am aware of a particular secret system of Pulse diagnosis which is different from that of the Ayurvedic Physicians or the Chinese Acupuncturists and which to my knowledge is unknown to anyone else. This provides me an edge over other Physicians and Therapists as far as Diagnosis is concerned,” asserts Dr. Yogesh Kodkani, Founder, Nityananda Clinic. Dr. Yogesh also possesses in-depth knowledge in all major systems of medicine, energies and nutrients, with a wider grasp of etiopathology (cause & effects) of diseases than other physicians or therapists who focus on majoring in just one or two systems of medicine, thus
enabling the provision of highly effective accurate treatments to the patients.

For instance, patients with complex mental symptoms are treated with Homeopathy, but if diagnosed with hints of past-life causing disturbances, the clinic is even well-equipped to provide Hypnotherapy as a treatment. Similarly, energetic imbalance and intelligence is treated with Acupuncture or Pranic healing or Reiki and so on, which is paired with an appropriate diet-routine for faster-healing of patients, thus facilitating the unique competence of the clinic when compared to others in the market.

"Dr. Yogesh Kodkani cured my aged father of both his coronary blockages as well knee arthritis, and within three months he was able to undertake and complete the sacred but arduous Govardhan Parikama (a circumambulatory trek of over 24 km in a single day),” acclaims the son of a patient of Nityananda Clinic, who happens to be the Chief Orthopaedic Surgeon at Bhaktivedanta Hospital Mira Rd. In compliance with high standards of hygiene with best quality materials and medicines, Nityananda Clinic receives in return several other patient responses framing and displaying success stories of healing clients completely from asthma, diabetes, epilepsy and much more, that feed the growth of the clinic. The clinic has hence gained wide recognition receiving esteemed clients from both national and International levels, aiming to further expand and accommodate a huge clientele.