Nityanand Genetic Laboratory: First-Of-Its-Kind Centre Of Reliable Genetic Testing & Counselling Services

 Dr. Dipti Bichile Deshmukh, Founder, Dr. Manisha Doiphode , Founder

Dr. Dipti Bichile Deshmukh, Founder

Dr. Manisha Doiphode , Founder

A lot of people think that cancer is the only genetic disease which ‘runs in the family’, but the truth is other conditions like miscarriages, infertility & inborn errors are sometimes the result of genetic defects. Yet, people are often referred for genetic testing and counselling, because the results can help them make treatment decisions for themselves and also help the family to better understand their own risks. Realizing the advantages of early diagnosis, people are now becoming more aware of genetic testing, which has fuelled the demand for genetic testing service providers in the market. However, the radar is still restricted to hardly a handful of industry players in India. Commanding such a niche realm by providing world-class genetic testing & coun selling services is Nityanand Genetic Laboratory a super speciality genetic services provider in the industrial twin township of Pimpri, Chinchwad, Pune, India.

More than Just Reports
Nityanand was established in 2005 with an aim to provide genetic counselling & Prenatal Diagnosis. Under the aegis of Dr. Manisha Doiphode and Dr. Dipti Bichile Deshmukh (Founders), the firm today has evolved into a state-of-the-art super speciality laboratory, research centre and counselling facility. Nityanand is now reckoned as a first-of-its-kind centre to provide all the facilities of counselling, prenatal diagnosis, genetic laboratory, research and training under one roof. “The Genetic counselling centre has now been expanded into genetic laboratory performing cytogenetics, molecular genetic tests and biochemical tests with a team of experts who interpret the reports and do genetic counselling,” states Dr. Manisha However, the segment at which the firm
excels is Karyotyping and Antenatal Screening services.

Nityanand’s Antenatal Screening service that includes dual, triple and quadruple marker testing is done on a Fetal Medicine Foundation(FMF) accredited platform, ensuring the improved result of the test. For the Karyotyping test, the firm uses equipment that has the capability of providing a better resolution, allowing better identification of chromosomal structural abnormalities. These test results help clinicians to manage their patients of bad obstetric history and infertility.

We at Nityanand not only provide advice to our clients but also explain clinicians about the tests in order to bring maximum benefit to our clients

The Dynamic Duo
Where most of the firms just test and provide the result, Nityanand stands apart by offering genetic counselling report for every test sample showing abnormal results. Both Dr. Manisha and Dr. Dipti are qualified genetic counsellors and are well aware of the recent techniques and technology in the evolving field of genetic testing. “We at Nityanand not only provide advice to our clients, but also explain clinicians about the tests in order to bring maximum benefit to our clients,” states Dr. Dipti. Nityanand also performs media testing for different commercial cytogenetic media.

Dr. Manisha Doiphode, Founder

Dr. Dipti has been instrumental in setting stringent protocols for the laboratory tests, thereby improving quality while maintaining the turnaround time(TAT). Being a stakeholder, she makes sure that the laboratory personnel adhere to these protocols, thereby setting high-quality standards for the laboratory. Dr. Manisha in her 14 years of clinical practice has encountered more than 10,000 patients, which makes her proficient in coming up with the best possible patient management.

In order to make genetic testing affordable for everyone, Nityanand offers baseline testing services at highly economical rates. With such dedicated services the firm is witnessing sustainable growth for the last three years and is expecting to touch the Rs.1 crore mark this year. Besides, in order to achieve its goal, the firm is looking for collaborators to partner on a national level.