Nirvana Naturopathy and Retreat: A Healing Abode in Restoring Wellbeing for Diverse Outsourcing Needs

Gurumaa,Founder & Director


Founder & Director

Everyday work-stress has staggered the constitution of living a balanced life. In Indian corporate culture, almost 82 percent of the millennial work-force suffers from some kind of stress, resulting in health-related issues like blood pressure, diabetes, spine & neck problems and more. Eventually, the rising stress disorders in turn affect the work-ecosystem due to irregularity, futile behavior and many others, which can majorly impact the work norms and plummet the productivity. Hence, employers today are more committed in upbringing a healthy workforce than an unhealthy work-growth. As far as corporate wellness is concerned, a five-day pass to nature's refuge at Nirvana Naturopathy and Retreat, Nasik (NNR) ­ a non-profit organization, can be a perfect stress-busting plan to avail for the employees.

NNR is functional under the banner of Life Care & Peace Mission and was conceived by a phenomenal persona & motivational speaker, Gurumaa. Being an influencer, she impacted many lives with her immersive speeches, imparting true knowledge about how to follow the right diet & organized lifestyle in rebooting the life force. Living a disease-free life should not be one's limitation; attaining spiritual well-being can help to keep the stressors at bay. Where modern medicine fails to meet the grievances, naturopathy promises to cure the disorders with extra care and nature's goodness.

Dr. Sunita, Naturopath, NNR, states, "Our USP
is our tagline, 'cure in illness and care in wellness'. If you are ill, then we promise you a cure. If you are free from ailments, then we will make sure that you stay away from any diseases". Each day, a huge number of distressed souls come to NNR seeking help in aiding their lives. Under the instruction of five naturopath doctors, health trainers regularly conduct life-correction campaigns, offering a wide range of combination therapies and naturopathy treatments which are worth trying for.

Naturopathy that Heals
Ancient Hindu text has repetitive mentions of 'taila paka vidi' (cure with medicinal oil massages), 'mrittika chikitsa' (mud therapy) and even mentions the miraculous proprietary benefits of water, now known as hydrotherapy. NNR houses specially appointed therapists with decades of experience in treating acute disorders using these ancient techniques of naturopathy. With technology, it brings class-apart treatments in hydrotherapy as saunas, steam baths, foot baths, spinal bath, and others, to relax the muscles by mobilizing the trapped lactic acid due to immense fatigue. With mud therapy, it promises skin & hair rejuvenation by improving circulation and also proven to soothe abdominal irritation and asthma.

NNR houses specially appointed therapists with decades of experience in treating acute disorders using these ancient techniques of naturopathy

Conscious being is the most celebrated `mantra' to achieve wellbeing, and with periodic yoga, pranayama meditation, Shirodhara (neural stimulation exercises) and Friday special Havan, NNR ensures spiritual enlightenment. During treatment, the participants are on strict Sattvik diet of purely organic veg platters (diet therapy) which includes servings of detox & digestive drinks to flush-out the internal impurities. The surprising truth is each and every aforementioned therapy is performed within a seven days span, tailor-made for busy organizations as corporate wellness programs.

Preserving all the five elements or `Tatva' of Prakriti or nature, the NNR facility is spread across 10 acres of river-facing land, which contributes to the speedy recovery. Whereas, the treatment center, residential quarters, Rashi Garden (the only zodiac garden in India), goshala, water bodies, open gym, meditation area, and the indoor-outdoor play is concentrated within two acres for easy reach-out. Compliments pour-in from the beneficiaries and the company ensures to collect regular feedback to revamp its offerings. Presently, NNR is planning to conduct stress relief programs for individual corporates and will expand its lookout towards female & child health and hygiene, which will also include preventive measures for PCOD/PCOS at large.