Nirnay Consulting Services: A True Friend Helping You Sail through Emotional Turmoil

Psychology and Psychiatry are different in their functionality, but due to our lack of knowledge, we look at them with the same lens. While psychiatrists are trained medical doctors who prescribe medicines and spend much of their time with patients on medication management as a course of treatment, psychologists are experts qualified to conduct psychological testing to assess a person’s mental state and determine the future course of action with focus on psychotherapy and treating emotional & mental suffering in patients with behavioural intervention. Dr. Hema Karthik, Founder Director & CEO, Nirnay Consulting Services, explains, “The psychiatrists give medication to patients even without identifying the root cause, which is an incorrect analysis and instead becomes an additional problem for the patients”.

Receiving a number of such patients who have given-up on their course of medication prescribed by psychiatrists, Dr. Hema further asserts, “Many patients hesitate to accept undergoing treatment from psychiatrists, but as our session starts and we gain their trust, they accept this fact. We explain them everything transparently to make them understand the cause of their additional ailments”. Determined to provide proper analysis, diagnosis and precautionary awareness program, Dr. Hema then charts the treatment process in detail.

Effective & Permanent Solution
The 2013 established Chennai-based firm offers end-to-end multispecialty psychological consultation to the clients, including clinical, occupational, child, family, neuro psychology,and many more. But what differentiates Nirnay from other counselling firms is its homely ambiance as Dr. Hema treats clients at her home only with prior appointments. As an additional comfort, she even offers food and other facilities, which plays a major role in helping patients open-up. Apart from that, clients are provided with personal space and one-on-one counselling as per the need.

Unlike other players in the industry who work on questionnaire based assessments, Nirnay strives to understand the situation of the client, where each & every activity is watched
and analyzed before starting the therapy, based on which effective solutions are provided. Alongside, to avoid the manifestation of a mental issue and to support the mechanism of health promotion, Nirnay takes precautionary measures by conducting campaigns & workshops to create awareness in the society.
Dr. Hema Karthik,  Founder Director & CEO
More than Just Counselling
Talking about the experience & expertise of Dr. Hema, she is a Senior Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Advocate, National Legal Advisor, State Principal Secretary of India Press Media Association & International People Watch Association, and National Joint Director of National Crime Investigation Bureau. She is also a trainer for central government cadets, where she offers training to different departments. Dr. Hema has bagged Psychological Literacy Award by organizing over 800 enormous workshops & awareness programs. She has conducted workshops during the flood in Chennai in 2015 at Mudichur and also during Vardhah Storm at Ponneri.

Nirnay strives to understand the situation of the client, where each & every activity is watched and analyzed before starting the therapy

She holds a challenging experience in reuniting family through family counselling, where she has helped over 32 couple to shed their old complaints, reboot their relationship and start anew. Apart from that, she concentrates mainly on child/adolescent counselling. The belief is children of today are the future of tomorrow, hence guiding them should be the first priority. Also, as it is coordinated with parents, it helps to sort-out the family issues as well.

Shifting mainly from crime investigation and legal service to consulting, Dr. Hema is empowering Nirnay to go bigger each day. Concerned about child abuse and child rape, she plans to provide sessions and workshops to spread awareness for reduction of such cases in the coming future. With several awards to her credit, akin to Best Achiever’s Award by Social Protection Legal Aid and Humanity Organization – 2017 for reuniting the divorced couples, Best Entrepreneur Award from the Academy of Universal Global Peace U.S. and many more, Dr. Hema will be recognized with Indian Iconic Personality Award this year.