Nerve24: Rolling out India's First Digital Healthcare Exchange

 Mohit Khullar,   Co-Founder

Mohit Khullar


"We are India's first digital healthcare exchange," proclaims Mohit Khullar, Co-Founder, Nerve24. While Mohit concisely describes the business, it's a proud moment for our country as its unorganized healthcare sector is getting well-organized with Nerve24's digital healthcare exchange, which connects the five edges of the healthcare ecosystem i.e. patients, clinics, labs, hospitals and pharmacies, among themselves to enable transactions and exchange of medical information through a web and mobile platform. Having created relevant interfaces and use flows for each of them integrated into one platform, this self-fulfilling platform not only assists patients in automatically digitizing their medical records across the healthcare ecosystem, it helps service providers get better business too. "Our platform fulfills the functionality of information transfer within the healthcare industry,
similar to nerves in the body and we are live 24x7," elucidates Mohit, regarding the uniqueness of the company's name, its mission and vision.

The Time Saving UI & Strong Platform

The expensive and time consuming process of saving medical history over paper is still an existing story, which is quite painful. Existing EMR solutions further add on the pain through their complex and silo way of functioning. But Nerve24 has invested a considerable amount of time on creating a user interface that is user friendly. "We were very clear from the beginning that the segment we are getting into doesn't have enough time to use/learn technology as we are focused on the grass-root level. Hence the platform needs to be very easy to use and intuitive," says Anshu. This highly secured platform automatically captures and electronically stores medical records for future reference, in addition to helping clinics exchange the medical report of a patient with any other clinic, lab, pharmacy or hospital anywhere across the city. Currently available in certain parts of Mumbai, the platform will soon see lights PAN India. "We are also enabling insurance solutions with our platform and for every month going forward, have predefined technology & business roll out blueprints," adjoins Mohit.
The platform abides by healthcare technology standards (MDDS data sets, ICD-10 and LOINC) and comes with multi-layer security protocols. The platform is customizable not only in accordance with various medical specializations, but also in accordance with the personal entailments and usage paradigms of the users, encrusting the entire pre-consultation, intra-consultation and post-consultation practices. "We are building our business on three pillars - technology, physical network and medical information," says Rahul as he summarizes the bedrocks of the business.

En Route to the Future

Nerve24 came into existence in 2016 as a brainchild of three professionals - Mohit, Anshu Sahay and Rahul Jaiswal and had to combat with the lethargy and technology phobia of users while replacing the status quo with advanced technologies. However, owing to the brand-new model of integration, the company won the prestigious 'Best Rising Star Award' at the Transforming Healthcare with IT conference - a platform that identifies unique ideas from the Healthtech startups.

Nerve24 has well laid plans of going for capital raise in the near future to achieve more business reach, scale up the platform and speed up the roll out, besides opening up to the patients. With a clearly defined product, business and funding roadmap, the future looks bright for this startup.