Naimisha: Holistic & Personalized Care Management for Physical & Mental Well-being of Elders

Dr. Vivekanand,Founder & Managing Director

Dr. Vivekanand

Founder & Managing Director

Older age has its own set of challenges – physical & mental health struggles, social isolation, lack of access to proper treatments, financial stress, and change of living arrangements that steal their independence. During this time, it’s imperative to give them adequate care and companionship that is no different from their family members. Understanding this, Naimisha, a professional elder care management clinic, provides holistic & personalized geriatric care for physical & mental well-being, based on their specific needs and lifestyles with uncompromising quality, service, innovation and integrity. This Chennai-based holistic, multidisciplinary wellness clinic’s inviting, relaxed, warm atmosphere has the welcoming aura that attracts a large number of people.

Naimisha’s unique Senior-care Family Coaching service educates elders and their families to help them continue live their lives independently and also creates awareness on the non-pathological yet often-neglected psychological care, thereby decreasing emotional suffering,
improve physical health and lower the frequency of hospital visits. “We offer preventive and restorative lifelong health solutions taking into consideration the whole person, their physical, mental and emotional health and well-being, spiritual values, social lifestyle and interaction with the environment. With our Geriatric Home Care service, this qualified care is provided at their home to improve their daily functioning and quality of life,” says Dr. Vivekanand B, Founder & Managing Director, Naimisha, who holds over 17 years of experience in Neurology & Psychiatry.

"Naimisha’s key to success lies in its strategy of empowering the elder’s family and caregivers to work as a team, which keeps the elder feeling independent and secure"

Further, Naimisha also offers simple plans like Respite care, Comfort care & Assistive care and customizes plan for elder needs varying from assistance in daily activities, emergency assistance and special requirements.

One-Stop-Center for Elder Care
Naimisha’s key to success lies in its strategy of empowering the elder’s family and caregivers to work as a team, which keeps the elder feeling independent and secure. Encompassing medical and psychology professionals, doctors, nurses, clinical psychologists, social workers and volunteers, Naimisha’s highly experienced & passionate Elder Care Consultants(ECC), who are health and human specialists, act as guide and advocate for families and their older relatives & adults.
Trained in understanding and providing elder-specific services as a companion, ECCs address diverse issues (fall proofing, medication management, informal counselling and more) and assists clients in attaining their maximum functional potential, while ensuring their safety and security. They establish a trust relationship with elders, support them compassionately with an individualized care plan and offer an objective solution to help achieve their healthcare goals and implement their choices when they can’t do it themselves.

Future Plans
Abiding by the guidelines of Indian Medical Council Regulations 2002 and NPHCE, this young privately managed clinic follows a policy of serving one elder in need free-of-cost for every four elders who take their services. Having served many elders in the last four years, it has also earned a fair return for its efforts. The clinic seeks to collaborate with like-minded companies to provide psychological care services to elders to help them take charge of an emotionally healthy, dignified and independent life and also approaching corporates and donors for funding towards CSR activities. Naimisha also plans to implement a wellness program for community and corporate, transition of care program, a senior crisis team, geriatric assessment day centers and Tele-medicine by partnering with clinics & hospitals. The center has recently opened a new foundation called NAIMISHA with an aim to reach not just the needy elderly, but also people who are underprivileged or orphans.