Nagpurkar Hearing Services: Enshrining Auditory Perception through Comprehensive & Customized Hearing Care

Gautam Nagpurkar, DirectorFrom the morning chirping of birds and rhythmic waves of the ocean to the whistling of breeze and the giggling of kids, the gift of auditory perception is one among the best blessings rejoiced by humankind for epochs and eons. However, even a slight impairment in this may be catastrophic, impacting the diurnal rotation of life, causing low performance in education and employment, increased irritability, negativism, depression, social rejection, and loneliness, among many others. Catalyzed by detrimental effects of low socioeconomic class and modern lifestyle, the vast Indian demography prone to hearing debilities is taking refuge in Nagpurkar Hearing Services (NHS), a synonym of quality hearing care. Committed to enshrining the gift of hearing, the Kolhapur-based clinic owns a reputation for innovation and exceptional industry practices, enduing comprehensive and customized hearing solutions.

Optimization Approach for Outstanding Acoustics
Piloted in 1942, NHS is renowned as an experienced hearing clinic in India, boasting of its platinum years of flamboyant finesse in helping people lead a quality life with capacitated hearing, proffering free and wide prescriptive choices to clients. It invests in bleeding-edge diagnostic technology and intensive
lifestyle profile study to muster appropriate amplification approach to optimize benefits. Calling for a complete listening from the clinic’s part, from the first assessment to the fitting of hearing aid, NHS draws a careful comprehension of clients’ specific needs. It delivers smart hearing aids and exercises stringent hygiene in its procedures, carrying out a wax management (removing earwax for easy diagnosis and fitting of aids) and taking quality ear impression (for custom-made hearing aids). Also, it sanitizes the instruments used before attending to another patient.

Employing state-of-the-art technological equipment for diagnosing and hearing aid fitting, NHS uses only PC based devices for reducing artifacts and errors while programming devices

Employing state-of-the-art technological equipment for diagnosing and hearing aid fitting, NHS uses only PC based devices for reducing artifacts and errors while programming devices, sketching a difference from the routinely used usual industry equipment. “For the past one decade, we have channeled our complete attention on digital technology in hearing aids, bringing to table innovations like a wireless technology permitting users to connect their hearing aids to various devices like Smartphones, television, or media players,” cites Gautam Nagpurkar, Director, NHS. The clinic deploys a 2.4 GHz technology into wireless aids to enable clients to grasp speech more effectively, grooving speech sounds
over other background noises. Intersecting top-class hearing loss management and user satisfaction, the clinic conquers a cachet for prime precision and test-retest reliability, thanks to Gautam’s experience of four years in Australia where he was trained in the digital hearing, client management, and information technology used in audiology.

Flamboyant Finesse in Audio
Concocting an extraordinary ambiance for the clients, NHS takes the onus of embarking a lively rehabilitation to its clients, especially children, through counseling sessions. It educates parents to help their children in developing speech at the earliest and also collects top-quality hearing aids for underprivileged children in need of advanced technology. Partnering with GPs and polyclinics in remote areas, the clinic facilitates outreach programs - organizing camps and monthly visits, thus winning customer confidence.

Accredited by Audiology Australia and Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI), NHS follows highest clinical standards and exercises Tele-audiology (offering services remotely over the internet). Apart from giving 24 to 48 months warranties on its products, the clinic also provides effective after-sales support through unlimited fine-tuning of instruments at zero additional cost, complimentary consultation appointments for orientation, usage, and care during and after fitting. Fueling a revenue growth of 20 percent, NHS plans investment and training in pediatric diagnostic equipment to facilitate early identification (newborn hearing screening) of hearing loss in children /infants. This will ensure better speech and language developments due to amplification.