Nagarjuna Ayurvedic Centre: An Embodiment of Heritage Based & Modern Ayurvedic Solutions to Health

Ajayaraj Palasseri,   Director & CEO

Ajayaraj Palasseri

Director & CEO

Believed to have worded right out of the mouth of Brahma, passed on as Shlokas to Sages for holistic healing & well being of mankind, Ayurveda has streamed down for over 10000 years. Playing a crucial role in the saga of man’s struggle against illness, this traditional method still holds a strong legacy of alternative healing in God’s own Country – Kerala, also called the ‘Cradle of Ayurveda’. Upholding this conventional cure technique since its inception during mid 80s, Ernakulum based Nagarjuna Ayurvedic Group emerged as the fruit of an ardent visionary Shri VG Devadas Namboothiripad, who wanted to establish a professional Ayurvedic institution as different from customary family-run vaidyasalas. The manufacturing firm (Nagarjuna Herbal Concentrates) was launched as a consortium assuming relevant accreditations and licenses from the Department of Industrial & Scientific Research(DSIR) and other Governmental agencies. In the 1990’s, need for providing treatments to the global community pushed the promoter to set up an international centre on the banks of river Periyar, deemed as one of the first institutionalised Ayurvedic Groups in the state.

A confluence of cure and communication, the centre’s experts serve an amalgamation of
conventional ayurvedic treatments with a touch of modern client centric care and a fair amount of relevant education. The experts ensure to establish good rapports with their clients to understand core issues and also help them fix upon a right choice of treatment programs through a distinct integrative medicine approach. They assist clients in consulting modern medicine specialists, based on which an appropriate treatment program is planned out for the best results. Holding a record of successfully curetting solutions for musculo skeletal disorders, skin, gynaecology, ENT related issues and Menopausal problems (via PERI Menopausal Syndrome Elimination)apart from overall physiological or digestive disorders, what Nagarjuna Ayurveda does has been precisely considered as divine acts by its patients.

We are the first ayurvedic manufacturers in Kerala to have an inhouse testing lab including animal house with an extensive testing facility for raw materials too

Best Results Guaranteed
Nagarjuna today towers in the country as one of the one of the best & largest Ayurveda medicine manufacturers in the world, with footprints in Srilanka, Malaysia, Europe, and the Middle East. These special medicines (over 570) result from decades of formulation and testing coupled with traditional wisdom and modern research. Priding in its distinguished reputation, the centre’s Director and CEO, Ajayaraj Palasseri, avers, “We are the first ayurvedic
manufacturers in Kerala to have an inhouse testing lab including animal house with an extensive testing facility for raw materials too. Ours is the best range of medicine available on the shelves of practicing experts across India”. The NABH accredited centre has a fan following of 1000s of international clients who trust that Ayurveda brought them prosperity in life.

Furthermore, Nagarjuna Ayurveda treatments surge upto two weeks to ensure thorough efficacy and seepage of medicine into the client’s system, additionally ensuring that clients receive an appropriate diet throughout the course. Utilizing these medicines as catalysts to optimize physiological processes, the therapists engage in a two person synchronized therapy under the skills of only senior and well experienced therapists.

An Ayurvedic Expansion
Poising an ISO and Green Leaf certification, Nagarjuna Ayurveda was awarded as ‘Best Treatment Centre’ by the government of Kerala and was also recognized for its scientific documentation. In order to carry forward its contributions, the centre devotes its future prospects into expansion aiming to hit a treatment volume of 25,000 patient days per year. Moreover, Nagarjuna Ayurveda seeks to streamline enhancing women health programs for menopause as well as strengthen its specialty medicine portfolio. In assurance of its reliable presence, Ajayaraj concludes, “We take the highest care in planning to zero down adverse effects, and also go to extremes to ensure that soft aspects and personality needs of patients are cared for, for which all interfaces of our unit is sensitized and aligned accordingly”.