Mitha Aahara: Specialized In Subject Specific Nutrition Approaches

Sreemathy Venkatraman ,  FounderThe global nutrition consulting services market is expected to be valued at US$ 7.6 billion in 2022 and rise at a constant CAGR to reach US$ 10.8 billion by the end of 2032 according to industry reports. When it comes to a country like India, there has been considerable growth in this Industry owing to an increased demand for wellness services post COVID with the growing urbanization of the country. However, amidst the huge number of service providers in the country, it is very troublesome to find out the best nutrition consultant. This is why experience in this field becomes one of the vital elements for growth and sustainability in this industry.

That is exactly what Mitha Aahara is in the market to offer. It is an online and offline nutrition consultation platform that caters to both wellness and a wide array of clinical conditions. The qualified professionals will guide one in their food habits and with personalized nutrition meal plans based on their wellness goals such as weight loss, weight management, or any other clinical condition such as PCOD, Diabetes, Fertility, Gut Health, Neuro disease like post stroke, Parkinson’s and mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders and many more.

"Our strength is therapeutic diets, finding the root cause of the symptoms, and giving an appropriate meal plan that is in line with the food habits of the person/patient/client"

People are looking for solutions naturally without medications and also to heal with food and simple habits that can be adapted to their daily routines. The uniqueness of Mitha Aahara’s nutritional therapy is that it is personalized for every individual based on their food habits and routine and is not a one-time consultation. It motivates, monitors, and handholds them in their journey to reach their set goals. “Our strength is therapeutic diets, finding the root cause of the symptoms, and giving an appropriate meal plan that is in line with the food habits of the person/patient/client.

Food is something ‘very personal’ and it has to be liked by the person as it has to be sustainable and not feel like an Avoid and Include list. We address genuine issues like cravings, binge eating, eating out and what to order and also the goals of the patients. We also conduct nutrition workshops, nutrition consultation services and customized programs for companies for employee wellness”, mentions Sreemathy Venkatraman, Founder, Mitha Aahara.

Standing Out
The company believes in nutritional therapy for various wellness goals and to manage effectively various clinical conditions. It has had many success stories in its journey so far. In Gut Health issues, it has prevented surgery and managed common chronic conditions like irritable bowel. Long-term constipation on years of medications was weaned off medications and healed and taught the clients how to effectively manage food. People with chronic migraine and anxiety and depression also were astonished that food and mood are connected and how to also wean off or taper medications after consultation with their doctor.

“Endometriosis is a very challenging condition with severe pain and gut health
issues and we have had women who were relieved of their chronic pain after a 3-month nutritional therapy and to not be on a restrictive diet as it causes nutritional deficiencies which aggravate it further”, states the Founder.

Weight loss through sustainable programs by the company helps effectively manage weight without any restrictive fad diets to increase energy, address cravings, and effectively address concerns and goals. It has clients all over the world(Australia, Ireland, Dubai, Qatar, Canada and many states of America) and in many parts of India and keeping the food habits of the individual and preference of cuisines a personalized Eat Right Plan is designed and monitoring and motivation is its key to success. It shares recipes and exercise tips and also helps in their selection of food based on travel and also helps them to avoid flare ups of gut health issues by teaching them to ask questions about the dish and the ingredients that goes into making the dish and ask for substitutes if eating out to suit their palate and avoid sensitive stomach issues. “We also understand how many health issues like the sensitive gut, food intolerance, and food allergies result in apprehension to travel and engage in family gatherings. We are also open to any airlines or restaurants to design menus keeping these sensitive gut issues in mind so people can enjoy their travel without any apprehensions and take part in family gatherings & festivities”, she adds.

The company believes in nutritional therapy for various wellness goals and to manage effectively various clinical conditions

Sound Leadership
The founder has 23 years of experience in the field of nutrition & therapeutic dietetics. She has worked in many corporate hospitals with eminent doctors and helped their patients both in the wards and in critical care. Sreemathy has worked with specialties of gastroenterology, hepatology, and liver transplant teams and also Neurosurgery and neurology teams. She is a certified bariatric nutritionist who guides patients in pre and post-bariatric surgery and a certified nutritionist in critical care and also specialized in tube feeding in ICUs for road traffic accidents, stroke, and many other critical care conditions where the patients cannot take food orally.

Currently, she serves on the National Board of IAPEN INDIA which is a specialized nutrition society (PEN). She has been a visiting lecturer for colleges to teach nutrition students and also volunteers for community Nutrition programs to prevent malnutrition in the community by spreading knowledge about the local traditional foods and their importance to health. Nutrition is her passion and this is a field where there has been tremendous growth and awareness.

She has specialized in the diet in Health and disease in the USA and has published several books on nutrition by Reed Elsevier which is an international publishing company. She still enrols in specialized courses online to keep herself updated as Nutrition is also a field where one needs to constantly learn about the science and its impact on Health and Disease. She is also a dysphagia nutritionist (difficulty in swallowing) and serves as a chief program officer for the same and coordinates with other disciplines to effectively manage this hidden disability.

The founder’s experience has taught her to address the root cause and provide solutions through food and nutrition. She has also trained her team in this and also effective communication. Mitha Aahara does not make false promises and it understands the client by addressing their concerns. It sets goals and motivates and periodically monitors and gives a personalized plan based on its logistics. If it is a clinical condition the doctor’s notes, medications, and specialized therapeutic diets are advised.

It also educates on how to read nutrition labels and also what to avoid if buying packaged food to avoid flare-ups and compromising their health and also counsels them regarding foods on travel both in the country and travelling abroad and customize their food plans. Food plays an important role in healing and prevention, and that distance is no barrier when it comes to connection & communication can be seen from their testimonials.

Future Endeavours
Initially, it was very slow and each client or patient was a learning experience as their expectations and outlook were different. The company has had a steady growth in spite of stiff competition and it is constantly understanding and providing solutions and adapting to this online counselling platform. It gets referrals from many doctors in India and also through Indian doctors who have worked here and gone abroad as they know the founder’s capabilities and trust her to manage the clinical conditions of the patients. Word of mouth has been strong as healed clients also refer their friends and family members. Speaking about the future plans of the company, Sreemathy concludes, “I want to start my own therapeutic and health foods range which will cater to all ages from six months old to geriatrics”.