Microbax: Researching & Manufacturing World-Class Probiotics

Vikas Rajurkar, Managing Director

For centuries, we have used probiotics in fermented dairy products. But due to the benefits that probiotics have, its uses are nowbeing established beyond human healthcare, in the field of animal healthcare including aquaculture. Enabling this is Hyderabad-based Microbax (India) Limited, one of the leading probiotics manufacturers in India producing probiotics and other beneficial microorganisms for agriculture, effluent treatment and vector control and providing services of international standards.

Crafted by Experts
Crafted by the two-decade experienced hands in producing microorganisms using fermentation technology, Microbax products are nothing but products of high purity. These probiotics are developed using submerged fermentation technology in its state-of-the-art facility near Hyderabad spread over eight acres of land. The manufacturing process further adheres to cGMP and made as per the stringent specification of its overseas customers and other regulatory bodies like Drug Department, FSSAI, FCO, Central Insecticide Board and Agriculture department.
“We are driven by product excellence through value addition. Our incessant drive to achieve product improvement, consistency and performance is perceptible through the activities, both manufacturing and quality assurance,” vouches Vikas. Hence the company has established a state-of-the-art QAD to ensure that the products are manufactured in strict conformity with written procedures. This lab is custom-designed and built to avoid material, process and processing contamination, besides overseeing that the products meet all the in-built quality attributes claimed and intended of it.

"Our incessant drive to achieve product improvement, consistency and performance is perceptible through the activities, both manufacturing and quality assurance"

The company’s R&D (recognized by the Department of Science & Industrial Research, Govt. of India) has development innovative products that have a worldwide market potential, which are in the process of commercialization. One among them is yet-to-be-launched Vaginal Probiotic (a combination of selected and tested strains for therapeutic and preventive use, which will restore the depleted vaginal microflora with probiotic Lactobacili strains), which is the first time in India, developed in collaboration with a reputed research organization. The efficacy of this product, which is aimed at controlling vaginosis and abnormal vaginal discharge syndrome, has been proven during the clinical trial at leading institutions like AIIMS.
“Patent has been published and no such product exists in the market as per our knowledge. We have also received manufacturing license for producing this probiotic in bulk,” explains Vikas.

“We are the first company in India to introduce various Biofertilizers in high concentration with a cell count guarantee in water soluble base for the agriculture sector,” assets Vikas Rajurkar, Managing Director. Microbax, The company has developed formulations for agriculture based on a consortium of microorganisms for improving the fertility of land and increasing the yields. Its foliar application further controls various pests and pathogens. The products are very advanced and based on special isolated and tested strains (as the results are strain specific), and are being regularly used by grape grower exporters. These biofertilizers can be sprayed till the last day of harvest without worrying about the harmful pesticide residues.

Microbax’s mobile app further helps farmers to find out the various products and its crop wise, day wise application schedule, thus helping farmers cut down the use of harmfulchemical fertilizers and pesticides. On the other hand, Microbax’s poultry and aquaculture probiotics are widely used as an alternative to antibiotics. Microbax even undertakes projects for contract research and contract manufacturing a wide range of probiotics,prebiotics, metabolites and other microorganisms. With such innovative minds at work, the future for Microbax is only on the brighter side.