MettaSphere: Corporate Wellness as a Competitive Advantage

Dheeraj Subramanian & Poojya Basavaraj,DirectorsA lot of organizations across the world are seeing value in investing in employee wellness to help attract/retain talent and gain real business benefits. Successful corporate wellness programmes focus not only on imparting techniques but also on integrating wellness into the organisation’s culture and policies. MettaSphere’s sensitivity to change management and user adoption reflects in the way it crafts corporate wellness solutions, enabling organizations to take workforce engagement and performance to the next level, from the ground up. its 360-degree wellness programmes include physical fitness training, outdoor group activities, mindfulness training and nutritional guidance – giving organizations a clear competitive edge in two ways – talent acquisition and retention through improved employee well-being, satisfaction/morale and engagement; and business efficiencies through improved employee productivity, team work, leadership skills, a more resilient workforce with lower absenteeism and even improved creativity and innovation at the workplace.

Explaining Mettasphere’s differentiating factor, its Director, Dheeraj Subramanian states, “As opposed to the traditional approach centered on physical fitness in a gym, we take a more complete approach to well-being that covers not only physical fitness, but more importantly also mental well-being and nutrition. Our
training expertise, coupled with our ability to influence user adoption & engagement, enable lifestyle changes that result in lasting behavioral changes across the organization. This helps in creating a high-energy and positive work environment, which is really half the battle for any business, in any industry!”

Mettasphere laid its foundations in 2016, on a mission to improve quality of life, reduce lifestyle driven ailments and facilitate higher levels of performance at both individual and corporate levels

Strength & Balance, of Body & Mind
Being a new & niche entrant, Mettasphere laid its foundations in 2016, on a mission to improve quality of life, reduce lifestyle driven ailments and facilitate higher levels of performance at both individual and corporate levels. The company offers Calisthenics and Yoga classes for physical strength, flexibility and balance of body & mind. it also offers a flagship Corporate Mindfulness Programme to help employees manage stress and improve focus, concentration, self-awareness, insight and leadership traits. Positioned at the crest of a new wave of innovation in this space, Mettasphere offers enjoyable & sustainable wellness for employees, with its amalgamation of ancient, time-tested techniques and contemporary science.

MettaSphere also believes that the outdoors is a key ingredient for well-being. Through their ecotours brand Pedal in Tandem, it conducts team events for employees to participate in fun outdoor group activities such as
cycling, nature walks and trekking – providing an enjoyable mix of fitness, team collaboration and stress-free excursions. Each event is meticulously planned keeping employee safety and health in mind.

An Approach to Wellness that is Safe, Outcome Driven & Measurable
Dheeraj asserts, “With employees’ safety & health in mind, we ensure that only trained and experienced instructors work with them. We focus on helping employees lead a balanced and healthy lifestyle using science-backed techniques that we know are safe, engaging and provide lasting results. We vet everything we offer very carefully, whether a practice comes from the ancient or contemporary sciences”. Having a non-dogmatic, empathetic approach is key in bringing about lasting change. Mettasphere’s experienced trainers provide a safe, non-judgemental, open environment for people from varied backgrounds, fitness levels and dispositions. Using this unique and balanced approach, MettaSphere has conducted successful programmes for the likes of large global insurance companies and prominent educational institutions.

Understanding that one size does not fit all, Mettasphere tailors programmes based on organizational context. It also tracks and assesses programme efficacy using feedback mechanisms, gauging what works and what doesn’t, against defined objectives. Analyses and reports on real-time data help tweak and enhance the programmes. Employees are also provided interesting, curated health & wellness content that is usable, relevant and validated by contemporary science. Mettasphere envisages creating a platform that could potentially be a game changing element in the preventive healthcare space.