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  • 10 Most Promising Corporate Wellness Service Providers - 2017

    In these times of multi-tasking, increased work pressure, longer hours and less rejuvenation time, health is a wealth that every person should consider accumulating. Like every machine has its breaking point, a human body too has its own limitations and lack of healthy practices will only catalyze its breakdown. Since today’s professionals find little or no time on their hand to engage in a healthy workout, companies are today taking up the responsibility to help its employees realize the benefits of good health. A helping hand in such dicey situations, corporate wellness organisations are the silver linings that, with their end-to-end and intrinsically crafted health programs, are uplifting the corporate health and making companies healthier and stronger. This way,...

10 Most Promising Corporate Wellness Service Providers - 2017

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
1to1help 1to1help Archana Bisht, Director A top-tier wellness service provider facilitating an unstressed & healthy life for working individuals through its Employee Assistance Programs & Self-help tools
Foods And Nutrition Clinic Foods And Nutrition Clinic Dt. Silky Mahajan,, Founder & Nutrition Expert A passionate and preferred wellness service provider with cutting-edge knowledge in nurturing values to a person’s nutrition and health needs
Infinite Health Studios Infinite Health Studios Rohit Dhingra, CEO & Founder An outstanding corporate wellness organization augmenting a wellness culture through preventive & palliative healthcare solutions
Maverick Fitness Studio Maverick Fitness Studio KrishnarajRamamoorthy, Managing Director, Gita Krishnaraj, CEO Providing fitness solutions through corporate gyms to help achieve healthy lifestyle by giving fitness tips, diet charts, and exercise schedules workouts for physical &mental well being; and Physical literacy in schools with an innovative curriculum during PT classes
MettaSphere MettaSphere Dheeraj Subramanian & Poojya Basavaraj, Directors Enabling organizations build & sustain 360o wellness programmes covering physical fitness, mental wellness and nutrition through calisthenics, yoga, mindfulness/meditation, nutrition consultation and also outdoor, nature-focused team activities/eco-tours
Miraaya Holistic Growth Miraaya Holistic Growth Megha Bajaj, , Co-Founder A unique organisation laying the foundation of a holistic growth of children where they not only learn about the conventional health practices but also acquire knowldege about maintaining a social & emotional well being
Orange Ray Orange Ray Fharzana Siraj, Founder A multi-specialty complementary medicine and wellness provider offering customized chemical-free healing modalities through the functional & integrative medicine concept
The Yoga Guru The Yoga Guru Yoga Guru Mohan Karki & Shailendra Singh, Co-Founders An exemplary Yoga school helping corporate world to relive stress while restoring the strength and flexibility that one loses while sitting for long hours
Work & Wellness Corporate Health Services Work & Wellness Corporate Health Services Dr. Venkata Raman Rao, Founder An expert wellness service provider committed to render quality ergonomics training, wellness programs and ergonomic consulting services to companies of all sizes