Megsan Labs: Dynamic Quality Management System in Pharma Testing Labs

Jayapal Reddy Madireddy,Founder & MD
Jayapal Reddy Madireddy
Founder & MD

The pharmaceutical industry continues to be a vital segment of the healthcare cycle in conducting research and manufacturing products which are life maintaining and life-restoring. The drugs which are used for the lifesaving and treatment of diseases are either naturally derived or synthesised in laboratory making it critical for the patients and the doctors to administer and get quality drugs. Herein, quality control becomes important. Modern medicines for human use are required to meet exact standards which relate to set regulations for quality, safety and efficacy. The evaluation of safety & efficacy and their maintenance in practice is dependent upon the existence of adequate methods for quality control of the product. As such, Hyderabad based laboratory Testing service provider, Megsan Labs proffers services defined as per contractual requirements in ways assure that conformed products are marketable and affordable irrespective of whether they come from the same or different manufacturers.

The lab performs a wide range of analytical laboratory tests across the pharmaceutical and packaging industries. It makes it certain that
all the materials and products that
Megsan Labs tests and certifies for its clients remain consistent in quality and regulatory features. The company adheres to cGMP regulatory guidelines, ISO 17025, USFDA and Schedule L11.

"Megsan Labs expertise in pharmaceutical testing is in direct line of influence of such belief and quality reliance"

Basket of Services
Megsan Labs believes the quality and delivers regulatory-compliant services. The company’s expertise in pharmaceutical testing is in direct line of influence of such belief and quality reliance. And it has been made possible with its dynamic Quality Management System that is driven by Megsan Labs’ core values such as robustness, preciseness, and reliability to name a few. These features are enabled to provide services with the highest quality in the quickest of time with a combination of cutting-edge instruments, analytical techniques and methods resulting in some of the illustrious companies like Baxter, Cadila, Dr. Reddys, FTF, Granules, Hetero, Indico, Lupin, Mylan, Strides, Sun, Unichem, USV, and Zydus Cadila to become its clients.

As such, the company ensures to meet deadlines with the use of technical resolutions for analytical techniques like Elemental Impurity Studies, Extractables and Leachable Studies, Genotoxic Impurity Studies, Dissolution
Studies, Stability Studies and In-vitro microbial kill rate study among others. Also performing Method Development and
Validation, Raw Material and Excipient Testing, Packaging Material Testing, Pharmacopeia Compendial Testing, Micro Biological Testing and Solid State Characterization, Megsan Labs uses and employs state-of-the-art infrastructure and technologies like pXRD, LCMS/MS, GC MS/MS,ICPMS, GCHS, HPLC, UPLC, DSC, Ion Chromatography, Inverted microscope, Scanning Electron Microscope, and Surface Area Analyzer. Additionally, the company upgrades its technology, equipment, architecture and its scientific team in line with current market and regulatory requirements. The team undergoes various stages of training and evaluation process. “An employee will be assigned task independently only after one fulfils the qualification criteria,” remarks Jayapal Reddy Madireddy, Founder & Managing Director, Megsan Labs.

The Road Ahead
Started in 2014, the company has established itself and expanded to almost 150+ employees – a tell-tale sign of its commitment to provide world-class services in this sector. With an award at the growth plan competition for ’Certificate Programme for Women Entrepreneur’ held in 2016 at the Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad to Jyothirmai Madireddy, Co-Founder & Director (first Generation Entrepreneurs), Megsan Labs stands as a testimony to the quality that Megsan Labs stands for. The promoters are envisioning entering into various business verticals like diagnostics and pharmaceutical manufacturing.