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    Popular belief dictates that war, climate change and poverty are the major causes for mass deaths but history begs to differ on this. The ominous Black Death which wiped out nearly 200 million people within a span of four years between 1346 and 1350 is known to be one of the most notorious plagues that the human race had the misfortune of experiencing. Eradicated today, plague is not one of our biggest concerns as mutation in the viruses is giving birth to new ones which have the researchers scratching their heads. As the death toll crossing billions till date, a lesser known fact is that Malaria and TB are the bane of pharmaceutical research, and scientists believe that they are much closer to breakthroughs in prevention and cure of said diseases. Proactive pharmaceutical...

20 Most Promising Pharma & Chemical Testing Labs – 2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
AES Labs AES Labs Sunil, CEO With a consolidated focus to safeguard public health, it ensures reliable quality of pharmaceuticals and cosmetic products by providing professional and independent services in quality control testing of these products
Amol Pharmaceuticals Amol Pharmaceuticals Sandeep Sapra, Managing Director Proffering testing of APIs, raw, intermediate, and finished products as per USP, EP, BP, JP, ACS, and more in the Pharmacopedia Product department
CATTS LABS & RESEARCH CATTS LABS & RESEARCH J.S. Chadha, Group Chairman Pharma products laboratory testing and analysis provider for prompt and economical services
EFRAC EFRAC Arijit Bhowmick, Manager Well equipped to provide all the routine analysis as per the latest Pharmacopeia (IP, USP, EP, IP and JP) or customer specific procedures and specification in Drugs and Drug substance
Geo Chem Geo Chem Bhikhubha Zala, General Manager Inspecting, monitoring of trade and shipments and Testing and Certification of Raw Materials, Agricultural Products, Ores, Organic and Inorganic Chemicals, Petroleum, Petro-Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals
GLR Labs GLR Labs Dr. T. S. Kumaravel, Founder Providing high quality, cost effective testing with regulatory and scientific consultations that is headed by senior toxicologists, who have extensive experience in various International and Indian CROs
ITL Labs ITL Labs Ponam, Owner Providing expertise in the development, processing, characterization and testing of diverse and advanced materials with state of the art services, both for quality assurance of Raw materials and finished products of various industries
Lotus Labs Lotus Labs Harisankar, Managing Director Participating in the various external proficiency testing programs with national/international labs to maintain the high standards of quality control with state-of-the-art infrastructure, an array of advanced equipment and impeccable logistics.
Manisha Analytical Laboratories Manisha Analytical Laboratories Chandubhai Nai, Managing Director Committed to a high standard of testing services by employing stringent quality measures that reflects planned professionalism through high integrity, dedication and strict confidentiality
Megsan Labs Megsan Labs Jayapal Reddy Madireddy, Founder & MD An industry-leading, global provider of laboratory testing services performing a wide range of analytical laboratory tests across the pharmaceutical and packaging industries
Qualichem Laboratories Qualichem Laboratories Mukund Nagarnaik, CEO Performing analysis prescribed as per different standardizing agencies in wide range of products by helping consumers and industry to develop standard analytical procedures for unlisted products
SGS Group SGS Group Shraddha Kamblee Joglekar, Manager Ensuring the safety of biopharmaceuticals and vaccines by confirming the absence of contaminants and complying with regulations
Shiva Analytics Shiva Analytics Dr. G. Sudesh Kumar, CEO One of the foremost analytical testing labs in India, providing solutions across diverse industries; Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverages, Minerals & Ores, Fuels & Oil, Industrial Hygiene and Material testing.
Shrideep Labs Shrideep Labs Dinesh V. Chandole, Managing Director Acting according to its commitment with customers and business ethics, the firm delivers accurate and traceable raw data to customers within promised timelines
Spectro Spectro Kuldeep Dhingra, Managing Director Offering complete Testing Services, all under one roof for endless list of products and materials in the fields of Chemical, Biological, Mechanical, Non-Destructive, Electrical and Electronics
Startech Labs Startech Labs K. Jagan Mohan Rao, Managing Director Providing assurance that the products are safe for human consumption with accuracy and quality of testing drugs and pharmaceuticals for industries such as chemical, food, cosmetics and others
Varma Labs Varma Labs Geeta Penmatsa, Co-Founder A quality-oriented organization employing state-of-the-art instrumentation and advanced testing methodologies to satiate the testing demands of customers
Vimta Vimta Harita Vasireddi, Managing Director Providing analytical services support the entire life cycle from early phase drug development, to regulatory submissions and GMP manufacturing, to post marketing analytical testing requirements.
Vsix Analytical Labs Vsix Analytical Labs Nagalakshmi N. S, CEO Providing services of testing and analysis in the field of Pharma for Chemicals, Non-Drug and Chemicals products, Food and agriculture products