MeeHappy Wellness: A Comprehensive, Effective Yet Economical Employee Wellness Program with Focus on Mental Well-Being

Chandrashekar TV,,Founding Member & CEO
Chandrashekar TV
Founding Member& CEO

Employees health and well-being are closely related to their productivity, and directly impacts the performance of an organization. Health doesn’t mean absence of diseases, but is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. Though, enough has been said about physical health, mental health is mostly neglected.

Mental health is a major concern worldwide and India is no exception. According to an ASSOCHAM report, approximately 43 percent of Indians working in private sectors are battling with anxiety, depression or stress. Stress and frustration don’t take time to metamorphose into apprehension and dysthymia, where in restlessness, exhaustion, anger, guilt, recurrent panic attacks, and suicidal thoughts are also regular guests.

To cater to individual’s requirements in a personalized manner and to help organizations to get the best out of their most important assets (Employees), MeeHappy Wellness, a Bengaluru based wellness organization, provides industry-first, economical and comprehensive Employee Wellness Programs with a special emphasis on Proactive and Positive mental health methodologies.

Engendering Happy & HealthE Organizations
MeeHappy’s unique and customizable solutions – HealthE start, Health Enhance, HealthElite and Health Exclusive, are delivered using MIDAS Platform (Mental-Health Information, Discovery And Solutions), which includes MeeHappy App that acts as a confidential buddy to the employees, host of Engagement Activities to increase awareness, usage, and effectiveness; Value Added Services covering workshops, webinars, Talk-shows, Q&A sessions, monthly challenges and others delivered by experts; Services are composed of digital /online applications personalized to an individual user’s profile and onsite services customized to clients’ organizations depending on their domain, business needs, size and demography. “We ensure that authentic information with sound advices and field-proven solutions from credible partners are delivered to corporates with a human touch in an engaging, creative, Interactive and personalized manner,”says Chandrashekar T V,Founding Member & CEO, MeeHappy Wellness.

"We ensure that authentic information with sound advices and field-proven solutions from credible partners are delivered to corporates with a human touch"

Millennials - the hardworking fast-paced group that contributes toward growth of an organization and the country alike, suffers with various lifestyle problems like work-life balance, relationship issues, stress & depression, gadget & substance addiction & sleeping disorders due to incorrect life style, habits, routine and diet. MeeHappy App deals with these complications as a confidential buddy, and slowly encourages them to adopt healthier lifestyles and supports them with Professional Help wherever

What makes MeeHappy unique is that these offerings have not been designed by experts sitting in their clinics but by people with years of experience /exposure in the corporate world with the help of some renowned experts. Hence, emphasis has been given to practicality of the implementation, suitability to real-life conditions & situations, keeping in mind both employee and organization’s benefits. With three out of four founding members as women,the organization also sets a trend of women empowerment and equality. MeeHappy’s work culture is a blend of exuberance & intensity of a startup and methodical & system-oriented approach of a large corporation.

MeeHappy’s programs are user-friendly, with no eligibility criteria and can be used by any employee. “We have taken special care to ensure that the content has been created for Indian conditions (culture, values, demography & so on). It’s our endeavor to refresh and revise the content regularly keeping the basic principle of holistic wellness intact. We are collaborating with international and Global players and shall bring the global best practices here,” states Chandrashekar. MeeHappy’s future plans include aggressive expansion of operations across the country, enhancing the App with features like gamification, integration with other platforms and fitness gadgets extensive use of AI(Artificial Intelligence) to give actionable intelligence to Organizations etc. After establishing its presence in Corporate sector, MeeHappy has definitive plans to diversify to Retail and Education Sector besides taking these services International.