Medryte Healthcare Solutions: Eight Years Of Excellence In Multi-Specialty Medical Billing & Coding

Sujin Jekash Simson,  Founder & CEO

Sujin Jekash Simson

Founder & CEO

In the modern world, US-based medical billing & coding stand as the two most critical practices as their accuracy is greatly vital for patients’ safety, swift payment and seamless operations. Due to more people looking out for medical attention & care along with emerging insurance regulations, the USA based medical billing & coding industry in India is growing by leaps and bounds. But back in 2012, the scenario was completely different! Especially in Kanyakumari district, there was a huge dearth of awareness about US-based medical billing & coding among people, despite bagging the highest literacy rate in Tamil Nadu. Triggered by this dearth, Sujin Jekash Simson (Founder & CEO, Medryte Healthcare Solutions) came forward to create awareness on this industry and its career opportunities among the youth at Kanyakumari District. Sujin wrote diversified articles in leading newspapers such as Dinathanthi, Dinakaran, and many others as well as orated at many sessions for college students.

Later in July 2012, Sujin and his wife Priya Sujin (COO) laid the foundation for Medryte Healthcare Solutions, which is currently an end-to-end medical billing company with profound experience in multi-specialty coding. Despite having no support from family or friends, the couple proved their worth in the first project itself through hard work and perseverance. Gaining more clients by references, they managed to grow their company as well as the employee base from just four to 200+. Today, Medryte is overseen by the husband-wife duo who holds a cumulative experience of 26 years in medical billing & coding.

In contrast to other companies that provide only partial medical billing services, Medryte offers end-to-end medical billing services ranging from Credentialing, Eligibility Verification, Charge Entry, Payment Posting, AR Analytics, Denial Management and AR Calling. Sujin adds, “We take pride in being the first healthcare BPO company in Kanyakumari district to render end-to-end projects & services across the medical billing segment”. The company also has rich experiences in multi specialty coding like Emergency Department, Radiology, Surgery, HCC, HEDIS, Inpatient, Anesthesia, Outpatient, Rehab, Lab & Patho, Ambulance and E&M coding. To execute these services, Medryte deploys its clients’ VPN software, besides in-built software for managing staff productivity, quality, attendance and other factors. It also has Infranet Board systems wherein employees can view their weekly production, quality feedback and other parameters. The best employees are even duly rewarded for their works!

The Idiosyncrasies
Being present in a Tier-III city, Medryte ensures that its operational costs are kept low, while committing to excellent quality and
reliability. No wonder, the company stands as the most preferred vendor among its clients today who are working with them from past seven years. Adding to this is its eight years of experience in multi-specialty medical billing, while others hold experience in just one/two specialties. The other idiosyncrasy of the company is its flexibility wherein its team assures to address clients’ requirements and backlogs on time by working even in the weekends. It also has great potential for scalability because acquiring adept manpower is extremely easy at Kanyakumari district due to its phenomenal literacy rate. Moreover, there are no incidents of data breach registered at the company so far. This shows the kind of trust that Sujin and Priya are instilling among their clients at Medryte.

We take pride in being the first healthcare BPO company in Kanyakumari district to render end-to-end projects & services across the medical billing segment

So far, Medryte has helped many clients in implementing the initial process, setting-up guidelines and executing their projects successfully. Sujin says, “Especially for new clients, we provide a limited number of medical billing & coding services for free of cost to prove our expertise and quality. Once they are satisfied, they can decide on outsourcing projects to us”. At times when there is some huge requirements from the clients, the company ensures to recruit staff even within a short notice, train them accordingly and let them take over the client’s project. Moreover, Medryte refers a minimum of three potential clients from its existing client base to further empower their business.

Stringent Compliances
Compliance is the primordial key to each of Medryte’s business endeavours. Besides being a corporate member of AAPC, HBMA and AAHAM, the company stringently complies with HIPAA, FDCPA, Patients Privacy Act and HITECH. It also holds certifications such as ISO 9001:2015 since 2012 and ISO 27001:2013 since 2013 along with an effective data security system which is operated by a dedicated compliance officer with over five years of experience in medical billing. The company also encompasses round the clock CCTV surveillance, doors with access control, secured servers and access based folders for each employee with a unique username and password.

Furthermore, an external auditor visits Medryte’s office every quarter to conduct training sessions on compliance for its team of certified billing and coding experts. They are also trained on the latest updates from Medicare, HBMA, AAPC, ICD10 codes (updated on October 1st every year) and CPT codes(updated on January 1st every year)

Dr. Priya Sujin, COO

Compared to last year Medryte has grown by 30 percent in revenue and aspires to remain as its clients’ most preferred vendor. Sujin concludes, “We will never compromise on delivering end-to-end medical billing services to our clients with top-notch quality and competitive pricing”.

Sujin Jekash Simson, Founder & CEO
Besides taking Medryte Healthcare Solutions to newer heights, Sujin currently spearheads Breezen Technologies, which supports Medryte with diverse software as well as Total Activation.

Quick Facts:
• Offices:Nagercoil (HQ), Tirunelveli & New Jersey
• Services: Credentialing, Eligibility Verification, Medical Billing & Medical Coding
• Awards:‘India’s Fastest Growing Healthcare BPO - 2014’ award from Former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand (Korn Dabbaransi), ‘Social Entrepreneur of the Year - 2013’ and Vishwa Jothi Award 2013