Medos: Prime Provider of Curative Care Solutions for Elders of Odhisha

Dr. Purna Chandra Pradhan,Founder & CEOAccording to a survey, elders are found to be ‘most disrespected’ in the smart city of Bhubaneswar, having sparse reforms for seniors compared to other cities of India where specialized services are yet to take-off. However, fewer job opportunities in the capital city has compelled the young workforce to migrate to either metros or abroad, leaving the vulnerable elders among the risky city shores.

To taut the gap, geriatric professional Dr. Purna Chandra Pradhan started Medos in Bhubaneswar in 2018 to reach-out to the needy elders with at home geriatric and palliative healthcare services with his summative team of professionals. As chronic conditions and medical emergencies are the biggest stake for the lone seniors, Medos confidently deals with all geriatric disorders, providing home nursing (trained, certified Grade B & Grade C nurses), paramedics and health assistance services.

At Home Intensive Care Unit
As seniors find it difficult to access the hospitals, home healthcare services are gradually pacing-up with more expertise and technology, which can turn your bedroom into an ICU. Medos offers at home critical care services on regular basis(24x7) for trauma patients or those suffering from neurodegenerative disorders, by deploying trained certified Grade-B nurses for ICU to ventilation, ensuring a speedy recovery. These critical care setups are 33 percent cheaper and ensure 25 percent better trained professionals with customized care plans as prescribed by the doctors, better than generic
hospital services. “Medos’ elderly clients never feel to visit any hospitals. Even severely ill patients requiring ICU services with scanty hope of recovery, are trusted under our medic care services at home,” proudly asserts Dr. Purna.

As chronic conditions and medical emergencies are the biggest stake for the lone seniors, Medos confidently deals with all geriatric disorders, providing home-nursing, para-medics and health assistance services

Point Care Services
The basic determinants required to meet the needs for curative elder care are personalized wellness plans, physiotherapy, routine checkups, specialist consultation and lab test. Medos caters to all such needs, including personalized services by arranging events like anniversaries, birthdays and cultural rituals at their premises for happy demeanours.

Multi morbidity factors of geriatric illness cannot be cured, but can be controlled with regular medication. Hence, the company offers free delivery services for medicines from its own pharmacy (Medos)at a 12-17 percent of discount on regular purchase. Further understanding the plight of such patients who are unable to stand in queue for long hours, Medos offers at home services from NABL accredited labs from sample collection to receipt of reports for periodic checkups and diagnostic tests.

Geriatric diseases cover wide spectra of physiological domains, from neurology to rheumatology. Thus, Medos has kept a well curated panel for specialists (Orthopedics, Geriatric specialist Urologists, Gen Medicine specialist and others), who are willing to provide consultation at home. Recently, it introduced an Android application, Medos Imperial or Medos Healthcare (available on Google Play Store) to book online appointments with doctors with all information about availability, timing of consultation, fees and more, thus acting as a one stop shop for the aging elders.

More than Care Provider
Researchers say that 35.4 percent of the seniors are subjected to emotional and psychological abuse from their caregivers in a domestic setting. To keep all such complications at bay, Medos brings the premises under CCTV surveillance for regular monitoring, and encourages feedback sessions from their relatives or care takers.

Established in 2018, Medos is gradually commencing towards an organic and speedy growth. Within 15 months, it has marked its presence in Odisha and further expanding the boundary to its neighboring states with plans to operate in the leading metros of India within the next three years.