Medivo Global Solutions: Progressive & Simplified Healthcare Services

Dr. LavanyaPrabhu  &  Dr. PrabhuVenugopal ,CEO &  President & COO.The inconvenience of booking an appointment and waiting indefinitely for a consultation with a doctor has been the problem that a lot of mHealth solutions sought to over come. With predicted growth at a CAGR of 34 percent in the global mHealth market during 2016-2022, the fore runners in this segment strategize on maintaining their competitive edge by tackling the issues that a majority of other solutions fail to address. Medivo Global Solutions, a Chennai-based m Health platform stays unique in its propositions by assuring instant availability of doctors any where and any time to global patients, absolute confidentiality of all communications, a secure online repository of patients’ healthcare data, and continued innovation in all these fronts. Available on all major mobile platforms like iOS and Android, and web at, Medivo aims to serve anyone seeking a health consultation, enabling all forms of healthcare and wellness to be organized.

Unlike other healthcare aggregators who focus just on the conventional allo pathic medicine, Medivo aggregates doctors from different systems of medicine
such as Homeopathy and Ayurveda only post validation of their academics and experience to align with the healthcare and policy standards of Medivo. This guarantees reliability and quality of healthcare services offered at an affordable price, thus offering more choice as per patients’convenience.

Enabling patients to store their medical records and treatment history in the app over cloud,all under a highly secured environment, Medivo assuages a major hassle of dealing with these documents physically

Simplicity as the Ultimate Sophistication

Enabling patients to store their medical records and treatment history (scans, X-Rays, reports and online prescriptions) in the app over cloud, all under a highly secured environment, Medivo assuages a major hassle of dealing with these documents physically. Post booking an appointment over app/website and a video / voice consultation with the doctor, the digitally generated prescriptions not just directs the patient’s course of treatment / medication to follow, but also empowers doctors to follow up with them, thus ensuring long-term relationship with commitment.

Technical Prowess
With the increasing fear of ransom ware and hacking activities in the recent times, safety of patients’ medical data is one of the prime focal concerns of Medivo. Hence it ties knot with only those security companies who showcase the highest standards of data security, integrity and transparency with regards to Medivo’s standards. However, the poor internet connectivity in the rural areas still bother the company as it refrains rural population from leveraging the highest level of healthcare benefit provided by the platform. “Technically, Medivo is engineered and built by a talented team of professionals who have gone great lengths to ensure that Medivo works even in areas where connectivity and access to doctors and treatment facilities may not be 100 percent,” proclaims Dr. Lavanya Prabhu, CEO, Medivo Global Solutions.

Having partnered with and/or in talks with various organizations and healthcare centers (including the Asthma Studio, KG Hospital and Kauvery Hospitals, and various government bodies & NGOs), the company is gearing up to expand to other regions of the globe. Valuing empathy for its patients and users, this employee-driven organization has a host of pipe lined services akin to personalized consultation for family, as opposed to just an individual, as well as maintaining family doctor records for future consultations and recall. In addition, an emergency healthcare service and transport service in case of a physical consultation becoming necessary are all in the works.