MediKlik: An Interconnected Health Platform Offering Expert Medical Guidance

Vikram  Aditya Tirthani , Founder & CEO.One can’t deny the chaotic nature of healthcare in India. The poor doctor patient ratio and lack of scalability is a worrying factor for the health care providers while the lack of transparency, scalability & specialization, and the millennial demand for instant access add to the problem, encouraging the users to resort to online diagnosis. As a result, with a plethora of online information available, users come across incorrect information that often leads to over diagnosis or medical negligence. Raipur based MediKlik, an online cloud-based patient engagement platform, is mitigating this erroneous practice by helping users acquire validated health information (free of charge) through its encyclopaedia of drugs and diseases (Drugs A-Z and Diseases A-Z) and easily integrating facilities like health records, consultations and monitoring on to one single platform that helps save time, money and effort. “MediKlik is one of the few players with a single platform focused on all patient needs with expert panel on each information page,”cites Vikram Aditya Tirthani, Founder & CEO, MediKlik.
A Healthcare Encyclopaedia

Believing in a strategic approach, MediKlik’s services are based on ‘Right Diagnosis,Right Diseases, Right Doctor and Right Drugs’. The blend of healthcare and technology enables MediKlik users to make right medical decisions and select the right specialist based on symptoms through the unique algorithm Disease Diagnostic Tool. Doctors can now connect with patients on virtual platforms and no more have to resort to manual means to gather their patient’s medical history, thanks to Remote Monitoring and Health Line features that disregard the conventional methods and provide an easy access to PHR (Personal Health Record).

MediKlik is one of the few players with a single platform focused on all patient needs with expert panel on each information page

Through the platform’s preventive healthcare packages, users can regulate doctor’s visits and receive basic consultation and digitalized report (limited to few locations for now). Such an offering in turn helps the doctors invest in curing patients rather than worry about discover ability and marketing. The platform also empowers them to build a reputation and enhance their scalability. For instance, a senior dentist in Raipur was experiencing a slow business as the patients
were unaware of his practice while his traditional marketing methods were not of much help either. MediKlik helped doubled his patient flow in less than one month!

An Organic Growth

While other platforms rely on pumping cash for market growth,MediKlik grows organically by being the go to platform for all health related queries.“We make sure that when a user seeks information related to health on Google or other search engines, our pages should be visible with relative information,” explains Vikram. Its team of medical and IT experts play a major role in tweaking the platform and designing innovative home care devices which will be able to connect directly with PHR for remote monitoring by doctors. Privacy on these virtual plat forms is ensured deploying secure server advanced encryption and empowering the user to choose the stake holders to share his information with.

Medi Klik has been recognized by Government of India as an emerging startup and selected in 36 INC, a state level initiative to promote startups. The company is now aiming on integrating several devices to its system to establish health ATM concept for rural areas and are in discussion with several government bodies for the same. “I see a long and promising journey ahead with full of challenges, in which first step would be to expand the services in next 10 cities in one year,” concludes Vikram.