MediCar: Deploying a Medically Equipped Car to Deliver Medical Assistance at your Doorstep

Ranjith A,  Managing Director,Dhanalakshmy Raman, Director

Ranjith A, Managing Director

Dhanalakshmy Raman, Director

The infamous 3 Idiot movie dialogue highlighting the plague in the Indian healthcare ecosystem, where pizza home delivery is guaranteed within 30 minutes but no time frame for an ambulance to reach you, fits the current scenario so well even after eight years of its release. Seems not many healthcare organizations took the note seriously, except Mumbai-based MediCar who worked incessantly to fix the unturned nodes and get medical facilities available to patients within 20 minutes of their approaching the startup.

MediCar provides a qualified general physician accompanied by a paramedic in a medically equipped car at the patient’s doorstep. A brain child of Ranjith (Managing Director) & Dhanalakshmy Raman (Director), MediCar is delivering healthcare by leveraging data management and telecommunications that allow real time communication, centralized processing and efficient logistics for an effective medical assistance. The company believes that the 'TOUCH' it provides to its customers is not just in its name, but in physically touching customers in their own unique needs.

A Novel Way
Booking a service with MediCar is just a call away or via its app; this needs no preregistration as the service is need based. Post this, MediCar’s customer executive gives a call to get necessary details. If required, these executives also coordinate with senior doctors for a quick consultation as well. Due to increasing customer demand, Medicar also offers Continuous Healthcare packages or individual healthcare plans through which the team regulates monthly visits to the customers. MediCar tracks every patient’s health indices using its propriety medical information system, which is available to them in case they need to consult other specialist care centers.

MediCar’s team works in a system of cellular organization of MediCar Centers, where each center is self-sustaining, has right equipment and highly trained professionals to cater its immediate patients using its SOPs

It would be a mistake to consider MediCar just another healthcare aggregator. The in-house medical equipment and professionals ensure service quality and adherence to company ethos for a more patient-centric service. Ranjith adds, “We are not an extension of a hospital system, which allows us to leverage latest technologies for customer benefit without being restricted to the hospital norms”. However, the company does cater to few interested hospitals as a service extension to boost their customer
outreach program.

MediCar’s team works in a system of cellular organization of MediCar Centers, where each center is self-sustaining, has right equipment and highly trained professionals to cater its immediate patients using its SOPs. To serve customers better and in a timely fashion, these centers are restricted to geographical limits of about five to eight kilometers, which makes healthcare accessible in just 20 minutes of service booking. Interestingly, the core MediCar module is a service delivery node, replicable and scalable in any town or city. The platform for this service delivery is driven at the central MediCar corporate resources hub, the brain centre for all operations.

The Future Roadmap
Adhering to the clinical establishment rules of the country, MediCar recruits and trains its employees to abide by the nation’s medical services guidelines. The company is now working towards achieving the ISO Quality Management Standards. With a ten percent increase in customer base last fiscal year, MediCar is now essentially focusing on expansion and technical advancements. It aims to collaborate with the Government & Panchayat Level Healthcare Programs and is already under design process for launching the next generation automated healthcare services, leveraging technology (automation and miniaturization) and IT. “We believe in providing a personal touch to our services and will continue in our endeavour to impact lives in our own unique and technology infused way. We look forward to growth and newer opportunities that the changing landscape is bringing on,” concludes the duo.