Medfind: One-Stop Home Healthcare Consortium Catering to Every Attainable Need

Vineet Kochhar & Dr. AashnaTreohan Kapoor,FounderHome healthcare is one of the fastest growing segments in healthcare industry that meets both medical and non-medical needs of patients at the comfort of their home. With an idea of being a one-stop-point for all health queries and providing comprehensive health check-up plans and home-based diagnostics, Dr. Aashna Treohan Kapoor founded ‘Medfind’ to cater every possible healthcare operative. With expertise in critical care cardiology (for about seven years), Dr.Aashna understands the complexities associated with healthcare as the back of her hand. Hence she personally (assisted by her team of skilled senior ICU nurses) screens, interviews and trains every candidate. Additionally, providing inspection screens of their candidates and ensuring complete police & court verifications make Medfind a brand of trust in the genre of home healthcare.

The Quadruple BeneFaction
Aiming to structure the unstructured modelling of healthcare market and become the single touch point for all healthcare needs, Medfind sticks to the quadruple benefaction of Home Healthcare, Baby Care, Medical Concierge and Medical Tourism. In addition to home physiotherapy and doctors’ home visit, the team also provides options for second
opinion consultation with highly qualified doctors possessing years of clinical experience in order to suggest the best possible treatment. Along with that, one can buy or rent reliable respiratory, measuring or rehabilitation medical equipment and hospital furniture for better treatment at home.

With well-trained senior nurses and equipped with ace technical setups, Medfind team bestows home ICU services(aka ICU At HOME) maintaining a daily critical care record, which is shared with the family

With well trained senior nurses and equipped with ace technical setups, Medfind team bestows home ICU services (aka ICU At HOME) maintaining a daily critical care record, which is shared with the family. In addition, Medfind’s 24x7 available specialists cater to the free on-call support in case of emergencies and scheduled home visits. For patients with chronic diseases and long term ailments, experienced physio therapists take care of every stiff joints and body pain within the comforts of the four walls of patient’s home. The home physiotherapy also includes strengthening and balancing exercises along with weekly analysis of progress. Working under the daily super vision of the doctors, the staffs are fixated on goal oriented physiotherapy to facilitate the patient with post-surgical care,making sure of a clean and hygienic wound management.

Under its baby care genre, Medfind offers a unique three tier
baby care service–for first 45days post delivery, certified (PICU/NICU) paediatric nurses are assigned for the task, next six months, trained baby care attendants are put in charge and after that period specialised baby care nannies take over, thus ensuring maintenance of baby’s nutrition, hygiene and safety. Along side, Medfind's medical concierge assists patients at every stage during hospitalisation, whether it is getting admission in hospital, fixing appointments with the required expert doctors for consultation or coordinating with pathology labs reports. Travelling to India for medical treatment (i.e. Medical Tourism) is no longer a hassle for both patient and accompanying family members. Medfind makes sure that the accompanying members can peacefully devote all their time in taking care of the patient, while the team take care of the rest.

Further & Forward
Servicing prestigious hospitals of Delhi NCR, the company is reaches close to 1000 homes a month and have a surplus of over Rs.1crore in its revenue charts. With the vision for a SME IPO listing soon and to become the most popular choice among home healthcare providers, Medfind strive to meet the physical and emotional needs of its clients with ateam of well-trained, committed and motivated care givers.