Medavin Healthtech: Addressing the Data Needs of US Based Doctors, Billing companies and Health Insurances

Pravin Chauhan,CEOMedavin Healthtech is a pioneering business organization founded and administered by industry leaders and a team of seasoned Revenue Cycle Management professionals having a vast experience and exposure of the industry. The company is headed by industry stalwart Pravin Chauhan and Ritu Chauhan who have immense industry experience and strong business acumen derived through many years of working in both the Indian and international healthcare industry.

Their passion to take Medavin Healthtech to be an industry leader has been the cornerstone behind the success of the company. A commitment to never compromise on the quality of their offerings has also helped Medavin Healthtech to not only build a positive reputation in the industry but also to carve out a niche in the market.

Adding more about the inception story of Medavin Healthtech and the services offered by the company, Pravin says, "I started the company back in 2014 with my partner and after serving over 12 years in the US healthcare industry I thought that I should start a business of my own and it was also a dream of mine. During this time, I was able to make good contacts in the healthcare fraternity which has helped me build my company. We started from scratch and today our monthly collections push six million dollars per month for our clinics under contract.
In 2015, we moved our operations out of Delhi to Dehradun to provide a better working environment for our people. Right now, we are only working for U.S. doctors and we do their complete back-office operations. That starts from appointments, authorization, insurance, billing, and coding to name a few and in India, we specialize in VOB and AR services. We also use our expertise in coding to help our clients earn more per encounter and in addition, we also help them when it comes to compliance issues".

Medavin Healthtech is not just a BPO company but it is like an extension of client's office with full data security, HIPAA compliance, latest technology, transparent process and continuous training and performance monitoring of the employees. The company's unique periodic reports and modules helps client understand their business like never before.

A commitment to never compromise on the quality of their offerings has helped Medavin Healthtech to not only build a positive reputation in the industry but also to carve out a niche in the market

When asked about the work culture at Medavin Healthtech and how they aim to go forward in the ever-evolving world of healthcare, Pravin adds, "Like most other businesses, we suffered during the COVID-19 outbreak and the corresponding lockdown. However, even during that challenging period, I never laid off employees or cut salaries and in the last two months of 2020 we actually increased our work-force. We also did an appraisal of our team last December and it was the highest in the six-year history of my company.

We ensure that we are an employee-centric company and we address their work-related grievances in the most efficient and effective manner. "We want to ensure this continues in the future because we see our employees as our greatest as-sets." Said Ritu Chauhan, co-founder of the company. Going forward, in the short term, we will take over few more clinics, as well as offices, and increase our work-force.

In the long run, I am working on some projects that will be launched by March 2022 and this will be to bring changes to the Indian healthcare industry. One of those is managed medical tourism which has good potential and we are also advocating to bring standardization in the Indian healthcare industry especially in the billing part. Through this, millions will benefit and we as an organization are committed to ensure that we reach our goals".