Maverick Fitness Studio: Building a Healthy Lifestyle through Corporate Gyming & Physical Literacy

KrishnarajRamamoorthy, Managing Director,Gita Krishnaraj,  CEOIn today’s fast paced lifestyle, work-life balance has become merely a concept, impacting not only an employee’s health but ultimately resulting in huge losses for companies. With the rise in sedentary lifestyle and long working hours, there is an urgent need for a holistic wellness solution that caters to the individual’s requirement with a wide range of activities, in and around their living spaces, presented with expertise at affordable prices. Maverick Fitness Studio fills in these needs through its WELLNESS @ WORK initiative that is designed to deliver scientific and modern wellness programs to inculcate the habit of exercising in the busy professional at his work place.

“Health, happiness and productivity are related concepts at work. Every organization has the opportunity to foster all three to benefit everybody with our wellness at work program,” states Krishnaraj Ramamoorthy & Gita Krishnaraj, Directors, Maverick Fitness Studio. Having expertise in designing corporate centers from 1000 sq. ft. to 10,000 sq. ft. (with a minimum lock-in period of three years), Maverick has Pan India presence in various companies like Cognizant Technology Solutions, Hexaware Technologies, TCS and many more, offering them desirable personnel lifestyle modifications.
An All-in-all Fitness Studio
As an end-to-end fitness solution provider, Maverick offers a systematized operation by providing appropriate equipment on lease (saves capital investment for clients, & no recurring yearly maintenance costs or replacement costs), trained fitness professionals, and software & methodologies to administer the gym efficiently. With every necessary compliance to ease the administrative responsibility of corporate houses, the studio’s fitness protocols are Descriptive (make clients understand what has happened), Indicative (make them understand why it happened), Predictive (help them realize what will happen next if changes are not made), and Prescriptive (chart a plan and motivate them to make it happen), thereby ensuring every client is motivated to take personal responsibility for their well being.

With every necessary compliance to ease the administrative responsibility of corporate houses, the studio’s fitness protocols are Descriptive, Predictive, and Prescriptive, thereby ensuring every client is motivated to take personal responsibility for their wellbeing

Maverick has raised the bar on the professionalism of the fitness industry in India through its scientific methods, technological support and commitment to the health of humanity. Using technology exhaustively empowers clients to log in to track their diet, schedule workouts,
monitor their fitness progress, view their assessment history, share workout plans with friends and do much more. Furthermore, video kiosks on the gym floors demonstrate a thousand exercises with instructions, and app (iOS& Android) version of this kiosk works as a personalized version.

While every center is filled with safety measures and every precaution is provided to make the exerciser ready and safe, the level to which one exercise is left to the individual as Maverick believes in the maxim – Train but don’t drain. The host of international assessments further helps clients to monitor their fitness levels and make choices of lifestyle modifications.

Enlightening the Generations
The studio believes in creating Educated Exercisers, from professionals and kids alike. Hence under its Fit Kids (a physical literacy & sports related curriculum in schools), it engages (by incorporating movements that involve intelligence), educates (by presenting scientific knowledge on physical literacy, fitness, nutrition, hygiene & cognitive value of movements) & empowers (creating a culture to be fit & healthy by teaching them to make right choices) students to make a life long commitment to holistic well being.

Handpicked by a team of experts, Maverick’s team keeps upgrading, refining and innovating itself based on scientific evidence and international practices (for instance, keeping in touch with international experts and keeping its own certifications and licenses up-to-date). These initiatives have resulted in 200 percent growth of the studio with over 25 operational centers, which it looks to expand to 100 by 2020.